Test Drive: Clarisonic Plus Skin Care System

Oprah Winfrey and I are members of the same club, and it’s not just her book club. It’s the Clearsonic Brush addicts club, for people like us whose faces get a lot of attention. Recently, after almost five years of excellent service, my well-loved Clearsonic face brush went to beauty product heaven. Seeing as I needed a fresh face for my business trip the next day, I walked into a Sephora and found that my old friend had had some upgrades since I last purchased it. Now there’s a version with a brush head in tended for a full-body experience. The new version is also considerably lighter, has three speeds, and an international charging cradle—perfect, as I was heading for Zurich, although I didn’t need it because the battery lasts a week when fully charged.

Imagine that every morning after the shower (it’s waterproof) your skin feels as if you just came from a fabulous facial, or going to bed knowing you’ve cleansed your skin of city living. The revolutionary sonic frequency moves Clarisonic’s soft, gentle brush back and forth at more than 300 times per second. Try doing that with your hands.

And there are definitely gender specific benefits. For women, the brush is the best make-up remover, I’ve been told by my sonic-addicted girlfriends. For guys, the brush lifts hair follicles in preparation for a shave, so you get a really close and razor bump free shave. With the addition of the body brush I now get those benefits head to toe.

At $225, the brush is a beauty investment, but one you will not regret. Your skin will thank you for years to come, none of which will appear on your face.

Available exclusively at Sephora.