Symone and Gottmik Deliver Sensual Seduction in Baja East’s Campaign

Symone and Gottmik with Scott Studenberg.

Ever since Symone and Gottmik entered the zeitgeist with their now legendary run on RuPaul’s Drag Race, the two queens have been on a meteoric rise to superstardom. Not that they need any gassing up; Symone was crowned queen supreme of the show’s 13th season, and Gottmik was a close runner-up—remember that “Gimme More” lip sync? After delivering nearly off-the-runway looks on the show week after week, the fashion world started to pay attention, and no one has been able to look away. At this year’s MTV Movie Awards, Symone wore Jean-Paul Gaultier while Gottmik served high-fashion clown in Moschino. This is why Scott Studenberg, the creative director and founder of Baja East, the easy-glam Los Angeles-based fashion brand, chose the two season 13 fan-favorites to model their latest collection. And we mean model

Symone and Gottmik deliver supermodel vibes and poses in these exclusive BTS Polaroids, showing off Baja East’s return to the red carpet. The collection is inspired by the scenic coastline of Big Sur—think semi-sheer gowns, velvet bodysuits, and lame halter dresses embellished with Preciosa crystals. It’s an open invitation to live life glamorously every single day, or, in the words of Lady Gaga: “Don’t be a drag, just be a queen.” A selection of the looks from the collection will be available for purchase on the brand’s website. Below, take a closer look at the collection, with BTS moments from the campaign featuring Gottmik, Symone, and Baja East’s own creative director. Get into it, gorge.