Summer Books, Meet Summer Looks

T-shirt and Shorts by Calvin Klein Jeans. Turtleneck by Z Zegna. Earrings by John Hardy. Socks by Bresciani 1970. Shoes by Miu Miu. Vintage Glasses from Selima Optique.

Ever since books became the hottest accessory of 2019, we’ve been looking for a way to read, but make it fashion. Luckily, photographer Charlie Engman brought some of the favorite and most photogenic offerings from his personal library to set with model Abby Champion. “I’m definitely drawn to books that feel like eating a salad, because I’m a masochist,” says Engman, whose reading list includes everything from poetry to post-colonial critique. Summer books, meet summer looks.


Top, Shorts, and Shoes by Miu Miu. Socks by Bresciani 1970. Vintage Glasses from Selima Optique.

The Utopia of Rules: On Technology, Stupidity, and the Secret Joys of Bureaucracy by David Graeber

(Melville House, 2015)

“This book is about how the world has become increasingly bureaucratic, and how problematic and dangerous that is. It’s a very angry book, and the personality behind it is very visible throughout.”


Tank Top by Max Mara. Shorts and Shoes by Miu Miu. Socks by Thom Browne. Bracelet (top) by Doyle & Doyle. Vintage Bracelet from Camilla Dietz Bergeron, LTD.

Fashion and Post-Colonial Critique, edited by Elke Gaugele and Monica Titton

(Sternberg Press, 2019)

“This book is both a source of intellectual curiosity and a big part of how I think about what I do. The fact that it has such a general title speaks to how little has been written about this subject.”


Jacket by 2 Moncler 1952. Bodysuit by Dior. Socks Stylist’s Own. Shoes by Miu Miu. Vintage Glasses from Selima Optique.

I Love Shopping by Ren Cook

(Glow Worm Press, 2019)

“I bought this book the day of the shoot, and I’m actually still reading it. It’s a chapbook of poetry by Ren Cook, who also happens to have the best Instagram.


Swimsuit by Chanel. Earrings by John Hardy.

Tendencies by Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick

(Duke University Press, 1993)

“This is a great book of essays by Eve Sedgwick, who is kind of the originator of queer theory.”


Blazer, Sweater, and Shorts by Chloé. Earrings by John Hardy. Socks from The Sock Man.

Cell Count, curated by Kyle Croft and Asher Mones

(Visual AIDS, 2018)

Visual AIDS is an arts organization centered on AIDS and HIV-related artwork and activism, and this is a collection of essays from an exhibition they produced dealing with the ongoing issue of criminalization based on HIV status, and how someone’s body can be weaponized against them by social and bureaucratic structures. I also think it has the sexiest book cover.”


Model: Abby Champion at NEXT Models
Hair: Shingo Shibata, at The Wall Group
Makeup: Kanako Takase at Streeters
Casting: Anita Bitton and Morgan Maher at Establishment New York
Production: Ian Crane for MAP
Photography Assistants: Chris Calllaway and Zach Ramey
Fashion Assistants: Malaika Crawford and Dominic Dopico
Manicure: Sarah Nguyen at Walter Schupfer Management
Post-Production: Two Three Two
Special Thanks: Shio Studio