Siki Im’s Junk Drawer Treasure Trove

At the close of NYFW:Men’s, designer Siki Im’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection might best be described as a study in Occupy Wall Street-chic: The Aftermath.

As the lights went down, a young singer and guitarist performed a rock-opera rendition of LCD Soundsystem’s “New York I Love You, But You’re Bringing Me Down.” And then boom: the model army.

With all their earthly possessions on their persons, including the shirts on their backs—or the second pair of designer jeans on their backs—models paraded down the slick white environs with duck tape strapped across their sneakers, their pant hems tucked into sport socks.

Each young man wore some assemblage of neo-punk-bohemian-hippie aesthetic. There were nods to punk goddess Vivienne Westwood in the jolts of shocking pink, asymmetrical zippers, and anarchical pins and brooches.

Pants were full and flared in a JNCO style. Sporty jackets and bias cut sheaths, meanwhile, came in either solid tech poly blends, or printed cotton textiles (mostly dried bamboo motifs). Some were neatly synched into peplum form by traditional bungee cord elastics, while others were haphazardly, if not intentionally, nipped in at the waist with the new belt.

The belts in question were essentially a thin chain link or piece of twine suspended around the nether region with old motherboard chips and mixed-tape CDs as statement buckles. If this is modern post-apocalyptic gear, sign us up.