“She Makes Me Want to Be a Rich Woman”: Mel on Dior FW24

Dior FW24

Photos courtesy of Mel Ottenberg.

TUESDAY FEB. 27, 2024 5:43 PM PARIS.

MEL OTTENBERG: Okay, I ran into a great queen of fashion. I’m going to call her “Anonymous Fashion Diva.”


OTTENBERG: We’re walking down Rue de Rivoli after the Dior show. We both liked it.

ANON: I loved it.

OTTENBERG: And you know, you’re anonymous, you can say whatever you want.

ANON: I can.

OTTENBERG: But it’s chic.

ANON: Really chic. I loved the leopard. The swans are here.

Dior FW24

OTTENBERG: Yeah, the swans are here. It’s all about Marc Bohan’s 1967 Christian Dior collection, apparently.

ANON: The leopards, the coats, that was very Marc Bohan from the 60s.

OTTENBERG: It’s a cool 60s. I don’t love the mini-skirt suit things. That’s for somebody else. I’m really into the longer lines. That white suit? Beautiful.

ANON: That v-neck sweater vest and open-necked shirt was like a breath of fresh air in the middle of the show.

OTTENBERG: It really was so nice.

ANON: Those flat boots were great too.

OTTENBERG: Really nice. There were two evening looks I thought were great. One was a really sparkly, sleeveless, floor-length shift that was blinding, I feel like people are doing some tired sheer beading this season but that was cool. The other was this long-sleeved back thing with a jeweled neckline and high black boots. Very Nico.

ANON: Okay, we’re watching your video now.

Dior FW24

OTTENBERG: This is cool.

ANON: Nico is wearing that. You’re right.

OTTENBERG: There’s your leopard. Also, I like her. She’s 67 years old.

ANON: Actually, Jennifer Lawrence really responded to the one that was 67 years old. She was taking photos.

OTTENBERG: The old lady stuff looks really cool. Love that you saw Jennifer Lawrence light up and take pictures of the old lady’s look with the khakis and leopard. Or do you think she was taking pictures of the belted leopard trench?

ANON: The leopard jacket. I’m pretty sure, as we’re people who see her around the Village sometimes, that we can see how she’s going to turn it out in those looks.

Dior FW24

OTTENBERG: That was the coolest Dior woman I’ve seen Maria Grazia [Chiuri] do. You could be 18 or 85 in this show and it would be working if you got the body for it.

ANON: One down from Jennifer was Elizabeth Debicki, who also looked so beautiful. At one point the soundtrack was doing this beautiful wind chime situation and she was just looking at the clothes with the wind chime. It was a moment.

OTTENBERG: Look at this look. I think she’s hot. She makes me want to be a rich woman. I don’t want to be a woman, but sometimes, for a second, I want to be a rich woman when I see a look like that at a fashion show.

ANON: Yes. And all the fringing is so great.

OTTENBERG: I love that. Wait, where are you going now?

ANON: I’m going to get all my stuff and then I’m going to the gym and then to cruise the steam room. Fuck you all.

OTTENBERG: Okay, fuck you too. The ladies don’t need to know that. Anonymous Fashion Diva, thank you.