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Saint Laurent’s New “Le 5 à 7 Supple” Are Ushering in a Vibe Shift

saint laurent

On the season’s chilliest day yet, our editors got campfire cozy with Saint Laurent’s slouchy new hobo bags. “Le 5 à 7 Supple” is taking us from the stables to the jazz bar, perfectly sized to stuff with berry lippies and flasks of whiskey. We aren’t wishing for summer any time soon.


MEKALA RAJAGOPAL: Here’s the lineup. I love a slouchy bag like this. The suede is a sensory feast.

JAKE NEVINS: Love suede. What’s it giving to you?

RAJAGOPAL: Besides autumnal baddie?

NEVINS: Autumnal baddie! When I look at the shearling one, I want to put on a turtleneck, which I’m wearing right now. I want to get a Starbucks red cup, like Caitlin Covington, and spend the rest of my days in Vermont.

RAJAGOPAL: Who is that?

NEVINS: She’s the grand dame of Fall.

RAJAGOPAL: I want to sit in a pumpkin patch. I’d wear a poncho with this suede one. Or like, a fur-trimmed shawl. I’m feeling those lately.

saint laurent

NEVINS: You’re feeling ponchos these days?

RAJAGOPAL: Just the restriction of the arms. It’s warm and cozy. It’s giving horse girl. Have you ever been to Assateague Island? 


RAJAGOPAL: It’s the wild horse beach island in Maryland. I’m carrying my Assateague beach camping essentials in this bag.

NEVINS: Horses are having a big moment in general—

RAJAGOPAL: In the narcotic world.

NEVINS: And also in the pages of our magazine. Anyway, I like the size of these bags.

RAJAGOPAL: This one can fit a book nicely. And a reusable coffee cup.


RAJAGOPAL: What else can we put in here? A hand warmer. A pair of mittens. A few roasted chestnuts.

NEVINS: You could probably fit a flask for those cold winter nights when you’re wearing a suede bag and you just need a little bit of whiskey to warm up your throat.

RAJAGOPAL: Oh wow, I thought you meant a thermos.

NEVINS: No, no, no. A flask of whiskey.

RAJAGOPAL: I’m ordering a pumpkin spice espresso martini while I’m rocking this, obviously. I had one a few weeks ago at Soho Diner. Where in New York are we taking these?

NEVINS: To the Bishop’s Ranch, obviously, to quote Kate Berlant. And I’m to a moody, dimly lit dive bar in downtown Manhattan.

RAJAGOPAL: On a Wednesday night.

NEVINS: Definitely a Wednesday night.

RAJAGOPAL: The black one is classy and restrained. I’d take this to Tomi Jazz, my fave Upper East Side jazz bar.

NEVINS: Saint Laurent always does the hardware well. It’s small, but you can’t miss it. The girls will know who makes your bag, but it’s not pretentious.

RAJAGOPAL: Quiet luxury.

NEVINS: Shhh. 

RAJAGOPAL: The shearling one would match perfectly with your Telfar Uggs. The ones I’m wearing, but in the chestnut and white color.

NEVINS: Let’s look inside. Oh, there’s a little pouch.

RAJAGOPAL: It has that real leather smell. This is where you’re stashing your little berry YSL lipstick.

NEVINS: Or my new Aveda chapstick.

RAJAGOPAL: Tinted lip balm.

NEVINS: It’s deceptively capacious.

RAJAGOPAL: This is the vibe we’re moving into post-indie sleaze. We’re starting to give stripes, Polo bear, riding boots.

NEVINS: So you’re saying that these bags are indicative of a general return to comfort and prep?

RAJAGOPAL: Absolutely.

NEVINS: Well, that’s always been my bag. Bring on the vibe shift.