Hitting the Streets with Saint Laurent

To say that Saint Laurent’s Spring/Summer 2016 menswear collection was erratic would be an understatement. But to say that with a negative inflection would also be a lapse of judgment. While each of the 77 looks differed greatly—from mens- to womenswear, from couture-like blazers to fraying t-shirts and floral dresses, from neon pink to subdued earth tones—each one was equally covetable. Highlights included a black leather jacket with beige fringe dangling from breast pockets; an oversized white cardigan embroidered with green, blue, yellow, and pink foliage; a neon tie-dyed bomber worn over a red and black flannel; a Navaho-print poncho in place of a dress; a black, white, red, leopard print, and polka dotted windbreaker worn over a stripped t-shirt and high-waisted jeans fit for a greaser; and the final look, which included a metallic gold oversized blazer and black leather pants with gold embellishments down the side. Filled with pseudo-Keds and beat-up Converse, the collection aptly fit with Slimane’s title and subtitle, “Surf Sound: A Tribute to Contemporary Californian Surf Music Culture.”