Richie Shazam Wants the Keys to the Club

All Clothing and Accessories: Michael Kors Collection.

If the shoe fits, Richie Shazam is already wearing it. As a model, photographer, and artist, Shazam isn’t afraid to be many things at once. Whether they are stealing the show at New York Fashion Week or shooting for this magazine, New York’s self-described “Bollywood Princess” is totally singular. Still, they will never let anyone forget the multitudes they contain. Shazam’s bright, pop-art referencing Instagram account is a window into a new generation of New York creatives who are making up the rules as they go along. And you can’t help but feel that the occasional, tasteful mirror selfie perfectly captures what they are all about: seeing while being seen. 


INTERVIEW: When you think of Studio 54, what are the first things that come to mind?

SHAZAM: A sparkly glamorous disco hedonistic pleasure dome. 

INTERVIEW: If you were able to go back in time and have one night at Studio 54, who would be in your banquette?

SHAZAM: Grace Jones, Divine, and the white horse that Bianca Jagger rode into the club. 

INTERVIEW: What is it about that time that has left such a mark on the cultural imagination?

SHAZAM: Getting in the door was the key to the club. Once you were in, you were a part of the culture and luxury and assumed a star-like role. 

INTERVIEW: What, if anything, inspires you about nightlife today?

SHAZAM: I’m more inspired by my friends and their creative passions.

INTERVIEW: Describe your ideal night out.

SHAZAM: Berghain. 

INTERVIEW: Describe your most memorable New York nightlife experience.

SHAZAM: Being a part of Rihanna’s recent runway experience for Savage x Fenty, where music and fashion came together harmoniously.

INTERVIEW: What are the elements that make up a perfect dance party?

SHAZAM: Pulsating experimental sounds, colorful personalities, and carefree attitudes. 

INTERVIEW: What impact has technology had on the nightlife experience?

SHAZAM: It has removed the privacy and mystery of what goes on in a sacred space, and the pleasure has been removed because we aren’t active participants. 

INTERVIEW: Which era of New York nightlife inspires you the most?

SHAZAM: The Limelight era.

INTERVIEW: How would you characterize New York nightlife at this moment in time?

SHAZAM: Sleepy, oversaturated, and overly policed. It needs a jolt of energy.

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