We Revisit the Most Iconic Styles of the 2000s with Some Help from an Expert on Culture’s Craziest Fashion Era

It turns out our predictions came true: the early aughts, in all their tacky, navel-bearing glory, have inevitably come back to haunt us. From ski goggle sunglasses to tiny bags to Moon Boots, brands are circling back to designs from the era of peak celebrity, when Paris Hilton shielded herself from the paparazzi and Missy Elliot wore Rastafarian newsboy caps. To address the return of Y2K style, now so popular amongst reality television stars and the cult of the Instagram influencer, we turned to Nadia Kanaan, the founder of Fantazia, a Berlin-based vintage showroom and online boutique that specializes in early 2000s pieces. Here, Nadia takes us through some of her favorites pieces in the collection, which range from Dior sport glasses to Prada kitten mules to a Louis Vuitton Speedy mini bag. To make sense of just how far we’ve come (or how much we’ve backtracked), Interview paired each piece with an accessory from the 2019 season that most closely resembles it.


2000: Reflective Logo Sunglasses by CHANEL ($195)


2019: Black Gradient Sunglasses by PRADA ($290)


“Starting with the Chanel reflective sunglasses, these sunglasses remind me of every superstar, from Ashanti to Paris Hilton. They all had this pair. The diamond Chanel logo on the side with the reflective lenses was just the ultimate showstopper sunglass. Style-wise, the shape is super fun. The way they sit on your face is super blunt. Anything encrusted in jewels is very much of the 2000s aesthetic. This particular Chanel pair is that style that I equate with being a pop star on the MTV Music Awards.”


2000: Rasta Waist Saddle Bag by DIOR ($1,122)


2019: Mini Croc-Effect Leather Shoulder Bag by CHLOE ($1,720)

“This Dior bag is super iconic. For me, Galliano Dior is Dior. I don’t even know any Dior besides this era. The Rasta saddle, in particular, is just such an absurd concept. There’s this whole Cool Runnings vibe to the Rasta collection, with the Moon Boots and the skis and the snowboard. Missy Elliott wore a Dior Rasta newsboy hat and trench coat, even. Gwen Stefani also definitely used it as inspiration for her line, L.A.M.B. It’s so hilarious. It’s so over the top. The Jamaican colors with those super classic Dior print is just amazing. All these pieces are so in your face — logo, color, pattern, print. It’s so hard to look away.”


2000: Gold Sport Sunglasses by DIOR ($258)


2019: Gafas Show Rosa Sunglasses by LOEWE ($430)

“These literally take up three-quarters of your face, for when you go out, but you don’t wanna see anyone. They’re the ultimate hangover sunglasses. They remind me of the Missy Elliot video “She’s a Bitch,” which is very Hype Williams, super bug-eyed vibes. You can shielded from everyone, and no one can see you — not to mention the wrap-around ear straps that are expandable. On one hand, they’re sun protective, and on the other hand, they’re social protection. It goes with the whole era of the paparazzi, of that video of Britney Spears being like, ‘No, I don’t want it, please no.’ You don’t want paparazzi, but you’re ironically drawing so much more attention to yourself. It was the height of reality shows and tabloid magazines, the strong insurgence of all that celebrity craziness. I think for a lot of our generation, that’s what we grew up feeding on, so it really did dictate the way we see the idea of celebrities and artists. This then carries over into style.”


2000: Speedy Mini Bag by LOUIS VUITTON ($449)


2019: Black ‘Le Vanity’ Bag by JACQUEMUS ($275)

“The best accessory is a bag that is just so ridiculously small that you can barely even fit your phone in it. It’s such a luxury item. It’s an I don’t even need anything because everything is done for me kind of vibe. It’s the most inconvenient thing, and that is so fashion. Unusually big bags remind me of when you’re in mom mode, when you need everything in your bag, like Mary Poppins. Size-wise, the Jacquemus mini is perfect. The Speedy is about four-and-a-half inches across, which I think can hold a cell phone. That’s my only frame of reference when I talk about bags. Louis is an old brand. The Speedy has been in style for centuries. It’s insane that something like that is still highly relevant today and that a micro bag is still something people want. It’s just so damn cute.”


2000: Pink Sequin Satin Kitten Mules by PRADA ($123)

2019: Knife Satin Mules by BALENCIAGA ($750)

“This kitten heel is a little bit of that fashion over function thing, but there’s very much a Prada-esque clean-line situation. The satin finish is so sweet. There’s something about sequins and beads that is very much 2000s for me. The blush pink tones are such a sweetheart vibe — I’m imagining Sofia Coppola wearing them with a dress skimming her knees. Now, it’s this Dolce Vita, blogger or Instagram princess on vacation vibe. She’s probably wearing these mules with a straw bag. It’s that super girly thing that is still very much in style.” 


Leather Cowboy Boots by Dolce & Gabbana ($191)


Metal-Trimmed Patent-Leather Ankle Boots by CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC ($990)

“Whoever wears these probably is a party girl, but like on The Simple Life, when they go to these small towns and try to be like, ‘Oh, we’re one of you guys, but actually we’re not.’ It’s adopting the Western style, but having a whole other lifestyle that’s completely different. Everyone back then was wearing some sort of Western-inspired garment or accessory. Clearly, we see it everywhere now, too. It’s a Brokeback Mountain moment.”


2000: Rasta Moon Boots by DIOR ($673)


2019: Logo Moon Boots by FENDI ($850)

“It’s such a specific person that’s fierce enough to wear branded Moon Boots. Imagine you’re in the snow wearing boots with a Dior print and a Rasta color-way. The shape is insane. You’re wearing two marshmallows on your feet. I am so dedicated to this whole Nick Knight situation. There’s definitely a second coming with the Jenners and Kardashians wearing these crazy pieces. Kim is like, ‘Oh, you know, I was wearing this back in the day.’ But not really, because you know she’s looking like the better version of herself from 2001.”


Market: Sarah Brody