Proenza Schouler’s Kids

Inspired by ‘90s videos by groups like 2 Live Crew and The Ghetto Boys, Harmony Korine’s “Act Da Fool” lets the director do what he does best: dissolute youth. Created to promote Proenza Schouler’s fall 2010 collection, the short film is a series of dreamy, washed out shots of teenage girls getting into trouble in the projects of Nashville. (Specific locations included a school for the blind and a school for kleptomanicas, according to Korine). Though the average Proenza consumer likely doesn’t spend a lot of time drinking forties in mattress-riddled abandoned lots, the clothes—white button-down blouses, patterned sweaters with stripes, pleated skirts, thigh-high socks–somehow fit right in to the bleak scenery. As Korine explained, he interpreted the collection as a directive to, “Go fuck up the world, burn shit, blow it up, eat mud, snort glue, drink a lot of malt liquor and eat some fried chicken, watch some strippers throw down the booty and find god.” It’s a lot of pressure to put on a pair of paint-splattered, high-waisted jeans but, as anyone who has seen Kids can tell you, looking good and doing bad often go hand-in-hand.