Rye Rye Makes Prabal Gurung’s New Things Pop



For his debut resort collection, CFDA winner Prabal Gurung teamed up with 20-year-old emerging rap-dance artist Rye Rye to create a glammed-up, beat-tastic music video. Titled “New Thing,” the video showcases Gurung’s graphic hot pink, yellow, green, and black collection of florals, sequins, and laser-cut polka dots on a gyrating Rye Rye and her team of blond-bobbed backup dancers. LED lights and flashes of rose-painted backgrounds highlight Gurung’s artful collection of sharp shapes and techno colors. Inspired by painter George Condo and Yayoi Kusama, a Japanese artist whose poppy, surreal polka dot works and happenings made her a cult icon in the ’60s, Gurung’s mini dresses, printed shorts and bold tops have a decidedly conceptual edge.

Hailing from Baltimore, Rye Rye—who’s expected to release her first album, Go! Pop! Bang! this summer and has already earned the approval of her mentor and frequent collaborator, colorful street-chic rapper M.I.A.—is the perfect fresh face to endorse Gurung’s edgy clothes. And the video, as well as Rye Rye’s catchy tune, showcases Gurung’s warm-weather looks in the spunky, let loose manner they deserve.