Parris Goebel on Her New Activewear Label Runaway Motel

If you happened to catch last year’s Super Bowl halftime show, the one where Jennifer Lopez and Shakira incinerated the stage, or Justin Bieber‘s “Sorry” music video, or Rihanna’s fantastical Savage x Fenty presentations, then you’re familiar with the work of Parris Goebel. The world-renowned choreographer is a mastermind behind some of your favorite pop culture moments, and now she has her eyes set on another industry takeover. Today, the 29-year-old New Zealand native launches her new unisex fashion label, Runaway Motel. With an eye for vibrant color hues and an ode to retro aesthetics, the activewear collection is tailored to everyone. The first drop, named “Room 407,” will feature 47 limited-edition pieces that blend comfort with luxury. Goebel spoke to Interview about the intention behind the clothing line and why it’ll make you feel “empowered, bold, and BO$$Y.”


INTERVIEW: If you had to choose three words that define the collection, what would they be?

PARRIS GOEBEL: Move. Work. Play.

INTERVIEW: Where did the motel theme come from? Can you talk about using that motif?

GOEBEL: I knew I wanted to create a destination for dreamers. Runaway Motel rolled off my tongue and it was just one of those “aha!” moments.

INTERVIEW: What did you feel was missing in the marketplace that made you want to create Runway Motel?

GOEBEL: I felt as a dancer, businesswoman, and traveler, there wasn’t any brand that supported my lifestyle and moved with me. I was determined to create versatile and comfortable pieces that were fit for any journey. Whether it’s going from the gym, to a meeting, to dinner with friends.

INTERVIEW: Who is Runway Motel for?

GOEBEL: Anyone and everyone. It was essential we offered quality and comfort for all shapes and sizes. I want our Runaway Motel guests to feel empowered, bold, and BO$$Y.

INTERVIEW: How does the collection interact with your other practices? What is the connective tissue?

GOEBEL: Runaway Motel was inspired by my busy and multi-faceted lifestyle, so I literally wear the collection every day. No matter what my day looks like, Runaway Motel moves with me. It inspires me to do more and go for what I want. I’ve always been someone who does several things in a day and to be able to create a clothing line that supports and uplifts you is something I’m incredibly proud of.

INTERVIEW: How do you want people to feel when they wear your clothes?

GOEBEL: Fearless and FLY.

INTERVIEW: What are the three items from the collection that you cannot live without, and why?

GOEBEL: Easy. The CEO bomber. I’ve always been someone who can’t go anywhere without a big jacket so I literally live in the CEO bomber. It’s lightweight so you don’t get too hot and it’s reversible so I wear it based on what mood I’m in. And then the 5 Star Scarf. I love our scarf because you can wear it a million ways. If I’m having a bad hair day I’ll throw it on my head, or if I’m heading out and want a quick, easy and sexy look I’ll wear it as a top. Also, the First Class Hoodie and SweatPant. I love how comfortable our hoodie and sweats are. I love to dance in it and also lounge around at home in it. 

INTERVIEW: Can you talk about the marketing behind the brand? What is the inspiration for the creative direction?

GOEBEL: The inspiration behind it is pushing the envelope and the stereotype of “activewear.” Active is more than going to the gym and working out. To me, it’s a lifestyle. We are in a world of endless opportunities and more than ever we are breaking the rules and creating our own career paths. I’m always on the run, always challenging myself. I am an active girl. Activewear should support all the experiences you have in one day and all the dreams you have in your mind.

INTERVIEW: Why was it important to have a concept and story behind the clothes?

GOEBEL: It’s more than a concept, it’s a message. Everything I do has a message behind it. We’re here to empower you to move, work, and play. That’s what life is about.