Fashion’s Cook Out





Where will you be tonight for Fashion’s Night Out? Well, if you’re hungry or have a touch of Sierra Madre, you’ll be at Opening Ceremony in New York, where not only is there a flea market-style, but a custom gold cookie, which is a collaboration between Band of Outsiders and Momofuku. We got inside the kitchen with Band’s designer, Scott Sternberg:

INTERVIEW: How did the collaboration with Momofuku come to be?

SCOTT STERNBERG: Tina [Chai], who styles our women’s collections for the shows, is close with David Chang and hooked it up last year around this time.  

INTERVIEW: Will you get the recipe afterwards?


INTERVIEW: What’s your favorite thing at Momofuko?

STERNBERG: Blueberry Cream Cookies.

INTERVIEW: What’s your favorite kind of other cookie?

STERNBERG: Snickerdoodle

INTERVIEW: Do you bake?

STERNBERG: Not really.

INTERVIEW: What can we expect to see in your Spring 2011 collection?

STERNBERG: A new collection for women called “Girl.”

INTERVIEW: You’ve said living in LA allows you to keep your edge. Do you keep looking to new parts of LA for inspiration?

STERNBERG: Well, a reporter kind of made that up.  I wouldn’t have put it that way.  It’s more like L.A. gives me peace, a bunch of nice canyons to take hikes, and a killer chicken and rice burrito.  I really look everywhere for inspiration.

INTERVIEW: Besides the Band of Outsiders x Opening Ceremony FNO event, where can we find you this NYFW?  I’m in and out this time, so you’ll be hard pressed to find me anywhere but the casting studio and my hotel room.

STERNBERG: A couple of years ago your collection centered on Scotland. Any overseas destinations informing your aesthetic at the moment?  British Malaya, circa 1938.