The next generation on what it’s like growing up in L.A.

The mythos of Los Angeles is a potent brew—a heady concoction of Hollywood glamour, sun-drenched Americana, and “kombucha on tap.” There’s a history there, but the city seems destined for the youth, for the next generation. These 11 young adults embody that L.A. spirit. We met them at Echo Park Lake, in Angelino Heights, outside of Pink’s Hotdogs. There’s Lucy, who started GRLSWIRL, an all-girl skate crew taking over the parks in Venice, and Jake, who just released his album, At The Mercy of Myself, Vol. 1. Then there’s Rain and Ama, a couple who just want people of color and the LGBT+ community to be able to live freely.

Draped in vintage T-shirts from Kelly Cole, who outfits celebrities like Rooney Mara and Travis Scott with underground, over-dyed designs from epoch-making rock tours, they told us about the things they’re currently obsessed with and the things that make them blow steam. Click through the gallery to find out who they are, and the kinds of moves these young creatives are making in the City of Angels.