Mythical Creatures

“We’re aiming to have every piece in the collection provoke the reaction, ‘I could only get that from Coach.’ Gary’s take on the leopard helped that for sure. You have to find a way to make these familiar or nostalgic references your own, to give them a distinctly Coach spirit that feels really good.” -Stuart Vevers

Coach creative director Stuart Vevers’ journey across America celebrates the individuality and idiosyncrasy of a girl who’s an outsider: An American dreamer who mixes up music, skate, and surf influences, while flexing luxury with streetwear. It’s a new cool that starts with the everyday and then twists it. For Spring ’15, he finds his spiritual partner in Californian artist Gary Baseman, whose darkly playful characters tell secret, sinister stories about their lives spent living in a Coach bag, then frolic and flirt across the season’s bags and ready-to-wear. A beautiful oddness that’s born of the familiarity of American style and subverted by an attitude that’s uniquely New York City.