Trey Songz Shows Us His Calvins


“I own more pairs of Calvin Klein underwear than I can count,” explains Tremaine Aldon Neverson, aka Trey Songz. “At any given time, I probably have 50 to 60 pairs on deck. I travel with an entire suitcase of underwear and t-shirts and they’re all Calvin Klein.”

In case you were wondering, the 29-year-old singer is “typically a boxer-briefs guy.” He is also the star of Calvin Klein’s new campaign—and their first digital program—along with model Miranda Kerr. Titled “#mycalvins,” the campaign launched this week on Instagram. Neverson’s inaugural picture: an underwear selfie taken in a bathroom, with his tattoos, impressive abdominal muscles, and a Miley-like tongue on display. “The first tattoo I got was when I was 17 and it’s a cross on my bicep with ‘Only God Can Judge Me’ underneath,” Neverson tells us. “It’s one of those phrases that calms me down when I get stressed with the pressures of the industry and of life.” Needless to say, the image did very well, garnering over 150,000 likes. “I think selfies are fun and expressive,” he says. “As long as you don’t get carried away with it.”

Neverson has some big briefs to fill: From Brooke Shields to Kate Moss, Marky-Mark, and Freddie Ljungberg, Calvin Klein’s campaigns have always been provocative and iconic.Eva Mendes was one of my favorites,” recalls Neverson of his predecessors. “And Zoe Saldana. They made me look at Calvin Klein in a different way,” he continues. “Marky Mark’s are also a favorite…the synergy felt very real.”

Calvin Klein is not the artist’s first impressive collaboration. As a singer, he’s worked with the likes of Aretha Franklin, Drake, Mary J. Blidge, Toni Braxton, and Ludacris. “My favorite [musical collaboration] to this day is with Aretha Franklin,” he notes. “She’s the first track you hear on my debut album, I Gotta Make It, and she’s giving me words of encouragement, telling me to believe in my dreams. It was a monumental moment for me—having a legend tell me that I was going to make.”

At the end of June, Neverson will release his sixth studio album, Trigga, which, as he explains, will be a “mix of hip-hop and R&B.”

“The first thing I thought about this morning was my next single,” says Neverson. “I heard the latest mix of it last night and I woke up excited and thinking about a couple more tweaks I might want before it’s finished.”