Mel and Dara Recap Interview’s Dinner Party for Zadig&Voltaire

Symone, Dara, & Gigi Goode

Tuesday night, Interview and Zadig&Voltaire hosted an intimate dinner at the Chateau Marmont to celebrate the iconic French brand’s 25th anniversary. This magazine, in fact, has a long history with the storied hotel. In the 90s, our West Coast office was located in the storied hotel—cottage #84, to be exact—where Selma Blair served as our West Coast editor.

As the sun set over the angel city, guests milled around the Chateau’s bean-shaped pool sipping on champagne and margaritas. After an hour-long DJ set by Josh Landau, the attendees, who were outfitted in the brand’s soon-to-be-released FW23 collection, headed to the private bungalow and assembled at a long table accessorized with dripping silver candelabras. It-girls and influencers including Gabbriette and Delilah Summer Parillo congregated while Sapphic pop icon King Princess was deep in conversation with Harry Hamlin. Meanwhile, our editor-in-chief Mel Ottenberg gabbed with Hamlin’s wife Lisa Rinna, who told him that, in her stead, the newest star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is Ozempic. In an homage to the brand’s cool Parisian origins, 1960s Europop thumped while what was an intimate dinner turned into a rollicking house party. The morning after, our fashion director Dara (who spent much of the night in the bathtub with Drag Race legends Symone and Gigi Goode) debriefed with Mel about the evening.


MEL: Hi.


MEL: So wait, we had a party at the Chateau. It was with Zadig&Voltaire and they were celebrating their 25th anniversary.

DARA: I think that’s a good excuse to throw a party.

MEL: When was the last time you were in L.A.?

DARA: Last time I was in L.A… maybe, like last year, in April?

MEL: Oh, wow.

DARA: Welcome back in a minute.

MEL: I’m in L.A. all the time, but not at the Chateau.

DARA: That was my first time there.

MEL: Oh, at the Chateau?

DARA: Yeah.

MEL: Oh. Yeah, I like it there.

DARA: I love! I feel like you were in a really good mood.

MEL: It was fun.

DARA: Yeah, I was ready to party.

MEL: Yeah.

DARA: Yeah, you were ready to party.



MEL: We were partying and we got kicked out at midnight. They were screaming at us because there were like 800 people in our bungalow. Listen, I haven’t been out late for a while but at 12:30am, I was not ready for them to kick us out.

DARA: No, there was still a lot of party to be had.

MEL: Yeah, there was. Who were you excited to see at the dinner?

DARA: I was really into Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin. I walked into the party and it was Lisa Rinna right there.

MEL: She told me that since she’s left The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the newest star is Ozempic.

DARA: I was just trying to see if anyone would tell me they were on Ozempic but no one admitted to it.

MEL: I couldn’t get any new confirmations on the record.

DARA: Everyone who I know is on it at that party looks sickening.

Lisa Rinna

Lisa Rinna & Harry Hamlin

MEL: Yeah. Who did you talk to?

DARA: I was with Gigi Goode and Symone and we got in the bathtub. And then everyone started banging on the door because they were like, “We need to use the bathroom.” So we had to get out.

MEL: I love this. You’re the new trinity.

DARA: Gigi Goode is the new Linda [Evangelista], Symone claimed Naomi [Campbell], and I got Christie [Turlington].

MEL: That’s fab. They’re great. I’m excited about them and I really liked Gigi’s wig.

DARA: Yeah.

Harry Hamlin & King Princess

King Princess, Gigi Goode, & Symone


MEL: Let’s see who else. I was really into talking to Jaden Hossler, who I feel like you were talking to for a while.

DARA: I was sitting across him and he was asking some real deep questions like, “What are your biggest dreams?” And “What do you think about the fourth dimension?” and like shit like that.

MEL: Oh, wow.

DARA: Yeah, I’m just really into talking to Hollywood straight men like Jaden. Ross Lynch was there.

MEL: Oh, you were really deep with Ross Lynch for a long time.

DARA: We got into a deep convo, the contents of which I will not disclose. Private teas. But it was good, good conversation.

MEL: Oh, fab. There were a lot of other gorgeous people there and it was really fun.

DARA: Did you find out any hot gossip? Did you find any hot gossip?

MEL: I didn’t find out any hot gossip. Although I was gossiping a lot.

DARA: So you were the one giving out the gossip.

MEL: Well, maybe I was the one giving the gossip out and maybe I got some gossip, but I swore to secrecy. I did hear about someone being in a big TV show. And then I did hear about someone’s journey who was not there. So I can’t talk about it.

DARA: That would be not supporting the girls.

MEL: Then the night got really silly and people were really messy and then a lot of people crashed and then we got kicked out.

Jaden Hossler

Ross Lynch

DARA: Yeah.

MEL: What time did you go to sleep?

DARA: Oh, my god. Like, 4:00am.

MEL: You were at the after party a lot longer than me. I made a French exit because I’m boring.

DARA: Yeah, we, we were looking for you and then we couldn’t find you. Then we went to Delilah [Parillo’s] house and Delilah was showing me all her vintage French Vogue copies and they’re so good. Then I went home.

Delilah Summer Parillo

MEL: Really spectacular. Wait, what were you wearing?

DARA: I was wearing that red little red turtleneck backless dress.

MEL: That was fab.

DARA: And the little red bag.

MEL: Who makes it?

DARA: Zadig&Voltaire, it’s from their FW23 collection.

MEL: But, of course! Duh.

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