Maurice Kamara of @ThePeopleGallery Wants You to Comme Correct

Maurice Kamara

Photo courtesy of Maurice Kamara.

On a hot summer day, Emrata is dressed in an all-leather Loewe fit: trenchcoat, bag, and sunnies. “How ya doing today?” says a friendly, inquisitive voice behind the camera. It’s none other than Maurice Kamara, of the viral account known as @thepeoplegallery, who’s made a habit of spontaneously documenting the outfits of fashionable New Yorkers and then drilling them on camera for details of the drip. The Brooklyn-born, 36-year-old Kamara started out in the streets of Soho back in 2021. Since then, he’s encountered everyone from Alexa Demie and Pharrell to Lil Nas X and even the mayor of New York, Eric Adams, wearing his classic “NYC Mayor” baseball cap outside City Hall. As we prepare ourselves for New York Fashion Week, we exchanged DM’s with the prince of street style to find out his most recent Google searches and pose a veritable Sophie’s Choice: Rick Owens, Off-White, or Comme des Garçons?


CHLOE SHAAR: Hey, how are you? 


SHAAR: What’s your name and where are you from? 

KAMARA: Maurice, Brooklyn N.Y .


KAMARA: A/S/L? Spooky.

SHAAR: What’s your Zodiac sign? 


SHAAR: Aquarius gang. What’s your morning routine? 

KAMARA: Right now it’s all over the place but usually wake up and go for a run. It’s therapeutic for me. And eat a good meal. 

SHAAR: Fit check? 

KAMARA: Just got out the shower and putting cocoa butter on, so no fit.

SHAAR: What’s in your system? 

KAMARA: Porn star drink from Lucien. Venezuelan food from Bushwick. 

SHAAR: What’s your favorite meal? 

KAMARA: Oxtail with rice and peas, add some sweet plantains and cabbage. 

SHAAR: Do you carry a purse? If so, what’s in it? 

KAMARA: Do I look like I carry a purse? A bag for sure.

SHAAR: Let me see your bag.

KAMARA: We got cards and keys.

Maurice Kamara

SHAAR: Balenci!

KAMARA: Big Balenci.

SHAAR: What’s the first pair of sneakers you remember buying? 

KAMARA: Mixed the Prada with the COMME. Play with your kids not me.

Maurice Kamara


SHAAR: Stop playing with him. What were your last three Google searches? 

KAMARA: Always traveling. Def traveling soon.

Maurice Kamara

SHAAR: Who’s been the best cameo on @ThePeopleGallery? 

KAMARA: Can’t pick. But my fav vid is with Skepta.

SHAAR: Any least favs? 


SHAAR: Send your favorite meme.

KAMARA: [shares link].

SHAAR: What are you doing on a Friday night? 

KAMARA: Eating a lot. Might have some drinks. But we eating.

SHAAR: Better shopping in Manhattan or Brooklyn? 

KAMARA: Def Manhattan.

SHAAR: Best vintage store in Manhattan? 

KAMARA: Lara Koleji.

SHAAR: Off-White, Rick Owens or Comme?

KAMARA: Are you serious? COMME CORRECT.

SHAAR: So if you could only wear one brand for the rest of your life… Comme? 

KAMARA: Great question. Either Prada or Margiela because of the shoes and sneaker options. I love shoes.

SHAAR: I respect it. If you could style any celebrity, who would it be? 

KAMARA: Floyd Mayweather, gotta get him right.

SHAAR: Any style don’t?

KAMARA: I hate logos, so too many is cringe. Like, Gucci hat, Prada shirt, LV jeans.

SHAAR: What was your last purchase? 

KAMARA: Prada Shirt Jacket.

SHAAR: I saw you pulled up to City Hall. Three words to describe Eric Adams?

KAMARA: No comment, please.

SHAAR: Valid 

KAMARA: I don’t discuss politics.

SHAAR: Favorite color? 

KAMARA: Purple.

SHAAR: Reveal yourself.

KAMARA: @galleryofmaurice.

SHAAR: What’s your password? 

KAMARA: Password?