Laura Harrier Just Wants to Feel Hot and Bitchy

All Clothing and Accessories (worn throughout) by Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello. Ring (worn throughout) Laura’s Own.

Fresh off a European getaway, the beautiful and talented Laura Harrier gives Interview editor-in-chief Mel Ottenberg everything she’s got.


LAURA HARRIER: I’m sorry we didn’t get to meet in person. That would’ve been much more—

MEL OTTENBERG: I mean, we tried.

HARRIER: We tried so many times, and then I was shooting this thing and I was like, come during glam, and they were like, we need to keep the set to a minimum, so we couldn’t do it. 

OTTENBERG: I’m always in the mood to talk to you, Laura, so it’s fine. 

HARRIER: I’m happy to see you.

OTTENBERG: How’s life? How was Italy?

HARRIER: Oh, it was nice. We were in Pantelleria. Have you been there?


HARRIER: It was cute. It’s like an island south of Sicily. How was your summer?

OTTENBERG: I was also in Italy. I was in this town on Lake Como, and it was great. I’ve also been back to Italy again for work. So my summer’s over, but it happened.

HARRIER: It happened. We lived it.

OTTENBERG: I definitely got something out of it. Let’s talk about the Mike Tyson, Robin Givens thing. You play her in the new show about Mike. For the record, Mel Ottenberg is obsessed with Robin Givens.

HARRIER: I think you told me that. 

OTTENBERG: I did, because then you showed me all of your looks. I was talking to you about the hair, I was like, “The hair’s very blah, blah, blah.” Like 12-year-old Mel was talking, and you were like, “Wait, I got you.” 

HARRIER: [Laughs] Yeah.

OTTENBERG: Of all the stuff that you’re doing right now, because you seem to be doing a lot of stuff, what are you most excited about?

HARRIER: I’m excited about everything. I’m excited to be working again after two years of the pandemic. And I’m really grateful that it’s all things that feel exciting and different from anything I’ve done. I loved doing Mike because it was a very different character for me. I loved all the looks. I loved working with Trevante [Rhodes]. And then Entergalactic, I’ve never done something animated, but that also feels like me. It’s not like doing a cartoon, it’s a version of me, but it’s animated, which is really cool.

OTTENBERG: What’s it like doing an animated thing?

HARRIER: I literally had no idea what it was like, because I was just doing my voice. So it felt like I couldn’t see what was happening, and I wasn’t really acting with anybody so it was such a different experience. We were also in full pandemic lockdown when we did it so I couldn’t even be in a room with anyone else. We were separated in these sound booths, and I’m just reading lines, trying to make it feel natural, but it was not what the world was and the experience that we were in. It felt special and cool, but it was a very big mystery jumping into it. I wanted to do it because I wanted to work with Scott [“Kid Cudi” Mescudi].

OTTENBERG: Cool. Wait, and have you filmed, or are you currently filming, White Men Can’t Jump with Jack Harlow?

HARRIER: I just finished.

OTTENBERG: What is Jack Harlow like? We talk about him in the office sometimes. 

HARRIER: You’re kidding. What do you talk about?

OTTENBERG: I’m like, “I don’t know who this guy is, but he’s so cute.” And sometimes he’ll be singing some song on Instagram and I’m like, wait, who is this guy? 

HARRIER: I totally understand that, because I didn’t know him really well before either. But knowing him now, I get why people are so obsessed. He’s very cute and charismatic.

OTTENBERG: Are the teens obsessed with him? He looks like a heartthrob.

HARRIER: Yeah. We were shooting a scene and there were a bunch of teenage extras and they were losing their shit.

OTTENBERG: I love it. Okay. So some dumb questions. Do you keep a diary?

HARRIER: No. I start writing in it and then I completely forget about it. And then sometimes I lose them, and I’m like, “I’m not trying to have this floating around.”

OTTENBERG: I lost a diary once and still get chills when you say that, because it’s so horrifying. I named so many names. 

HARRIER: I found someone else’s diary before, which was very exciting.


HARRIER: Yeah. I found this diary and I read it. I mean, it was someone I sort of knew, but I wasn’t looking for it, I just found it. There was a lot of crazy stuff in it. [Laughs] Maybe I shouldn’t be saying this on the record.

OTTENBERG: No, no, no, it’s fine. You’re not naming names. Okay. How many group texts are you on? 

HARRIER: There’s definitely a group chat for each friend group.

OTTENBERG: What friend group is the most actively popping?

HARRIER: The gays.

OTTENBERG: We like that. Hey, Laura’s gays. What’s up? Wait, are you a royals watcher? Since the queen just died?

HARRIER: No. I knew the queen died. But I mean, I’m a real American. I don’t get it.

OTTENBERG: Are you team Meghan? I don’t know. I’m both yes and no. She seems like a villain and she seems major. 

HARRIER: She seems major, and I just fuck with her for being a Black princess.

OTTENBERG: Yes, honey baby.

HARRIER: I think it’s so crazy with all the rumors that were happening around her. I would love to know the real story.

OTTENBERG: Wait, I don’t even know how to talk about fashion with you when we’re on the record, because I really enjoy every off-the-record conversation we’ve ever had about fashion.

HARRIER: Because we talk a lot of shit.

OTTENBERG: I have your number, maybe we’ll just start texting. [Laughs] Okay, so it’s fall. What is the fashion? 


OTTENBERG: What does Laura need?

HARRIER: I want to look cunty this fall. I want boots and leather, and I’ve only been wearing black. I just want to feel hot and bitchy, that’s where my head is at right now.

OTTENBERG: We shot you in Saint Laurent. You look really sick in it, which is the definition of cunty. What are you getting? 

HARRIER: I just wore this really good lace catsuit thing out in New York that was, like, fully naked, that I was obsessed with. I like everything Saint Laurent does. I like how I feel in their clothes. I feel bossy and cunty. It’s a really good vibe.

OTTENBERG: I’m going to DM you this picture because I think it would be really good on you. Just like a black, power-shoulder, bitch outfit.

HARRIER: Oh will you send me? Anything that you see, just send it because I know you have the best taste.

OTTENBERG: Thanks, Laura. Are you wearing makeup right now? What’s your beauty regime?

HARRIER: No, I just got out the shower and I kind of fucked with a zit on my forehead, so I keep seeing that.

OTTENBERG: Were people mean to you in high school, because you’re so pretty?

HARRIER: Yeah. I got hate mail sent to my house. One time somebody pooped on my car.

OTTENBERG: Yeah, you are that pretty, sorry, but it’s true. [Laughs] Wait, where are you from again?

HARRIER: Outside of Chicago. Evanston, Illinois.

OTTENBERG: So someone pooped on your motherfucking car in high school. That is the answer I needed.

HARRIER: Yeah. I hope the girl who did it is reading this interview.

OTTENBERG: I hope she is too. Do we know who she is?

HARRIER: I think so, but I don’t have hard proof so I’m not going to call her out, and she’s probably just a nice, normal person now.

OTTENBERG: Right. We wish her the best and we hope that she’s found happiness.

HARRIER: Yeah. I hope she’s doing a lot better.

OTTENBERG: Do you go home often?

HARRIER: Yeah, as much as I can. I went home more when I lived in New York just because it’s a lot closer. L.A. to Chicago’s a bit of a trek, but I was just there. 

OTTENBERG: Do you have any crushes right now?

HARRIER: I have a crush on my fiancé.


OTTENBERG: Oh my god. Sick. Yes. That’s the right one. When are we doing the thing? 

HARRIER: We don’t have a date, but I’m thinking sometime next year.

OTTENBERG: What’s your sign?


OTTENBERG: And what does that mean? Because I just realized that this person that I’ve decided I have a crush on is an Aries. 

HARRIER: Oh really?

OTTENBERG: What do I need to know?

HARRIER: What sign are you?

OTTENBERG: I’m a Taurus.

HARRIER: Oh, you’re very stubborn, huh?


HARRIER: Yeah. Aries, we’re stubborn, but in a different way in that we don’t want to be tied to anything. We’re very all over the place and kind of free.


HARRIER: And we like to win. We like to be first. We like to be the center of attention. [Laughs] We can get really fiery, but then instantly forget it and everything’s fine.


HARRIER: I’m really excited for you. I think you should DM this person.

OTTENBERG: I’m going to DM them and I will be following up with you via text for some more support. Okay, so if there’s one thing you’re most looking forward to this fall, what is it?

HARRIER: Ooh, I’m looking forward to these projects I have coming out. I’m actually going to the Saint Laurent show. This will be my first show with them in Paris, and their shows always look so major. It’s under the Eiffel Tower, so I’m really excited to see that.

OTTENBERG: They’re so good, and it’s so major, and I will see you there September 27. 

HARRIER: I can’t wait to hang out with you there.

OTTENBERG: Let’s have a moment. 

HARRIER: Please keep me posted on this crush situation.

OTTENBERG: Okay. All right, bye Laura. 







Hair: Renato Campora at The Wall Group

Makeup: Harold James at The Wall Group

Fashion Assistant: Natalia Farnaus