Kailand Morris and Lil Dre Take Us to Isabel Marant’s Fall/Winter 22 Show

Lil Dre and Kailand Morris. Photo courtesy of Isabel Marant.

Last night, at Isabel Marant’s Fall/Winter ’22 show, the model Kailand Morris and the skateboarder Lil Dre took in the action—which included appearances from Bella and Gigi Hadid, and a performance by Blonde Redhead—from the front row. Then, they met us outside and told us all about it.



INTERVIEW: So, what did you guys think of the show?

LIL DRE: I loved it. They had some fire looks and it was just sick.

KAILAND MORRIS: Horrible, terrible! [Laughs] No, it was good! I’m never disappointed with Marant shows. I was telling Dre, the denims were super fire, the fit was nice, I saw a lot of cool tops that I would definitely rock. So overall, I’d give it, like, 110%.

LIL DRE: Yeah, this was my first time going to one these Isabel shows. The models were beautiful.

INTERVIEW: Did you have a favorite look?

MORRIS: I think my favorite look was the last one, just ’cause I was looking at my top and the sparkly one, I totally would’ve rocked that instead.

Isabel Marant

LIL DRE: I liked the boots a lot, the women’s really high boots, those were cool as shit.

INTERVIEW: That goes well into my next question which is, what’re you wearing today?

LIL DRE: I’m wearing these fuckin’ sparkly Isabel shorts and this, what is this, plaid? Plaid jacket! Lookin’ fly!

INTERVIEW: What’s the shoe?

LIL DRE: Balenciaga.

INTERVIEW: Can you describe it for us?

LIL DRE: How do I even describe these. It’s like I’m in the military with these on, I’m a spy with ’em! The platform gives me a little height.

Isabel Marant

Lil Dre and Kailand Morris. Photo courtesy of Isabelle Marant.

MORRIS: I’m in denim right now, some jeans with a star print or patchwork, with a matching top that’s Isabel Marant.

INTERVIEW: What was the inspiration? What’s the vibe?

LIL DRE: I picked this ’cause I feel like it’s the most fire fit, I’m really shining.

INTERVIEW: How is your fashion week going?

MORRIS: My fashion week is going great, it’s really fun, but it’s cold as shit out here. I was here for mens a few months ago, and the energy now is so different! It’s weird, since the whole Covid thing is getting better, the energy this fashion week is unmatched.

LIL DRE: It’s turnt, it’s lit, it’s a vibe!

INTERVIEW: Do you guys have plans tonight?

Isabel Marant

Photo courtesy of Isabel Marant.

LIL DRE: We’re turning up.

MORRIS: We’re going to party.

INTERVIEW: Do you know where yet?

LIL DRE: Everywhere.

MORRIS: It’s a secret.

LIL DRE: If you know, you know.