Josh O’Connor Models a Sexy Oyster Shirt in the Loewe Pre-Fall 22 Campaign

Loewe Pre-Fall

For their pre-fall campaign, Loewe tapped the legendary photographer Juergen Teller to capture creatives wearing the playful, Jonathan Anderson-designed collection in different cities across the globe. The all-star cast included Anthony Hopkins, Alewya, Kaia Gerber, and the British actor Josh O’Connor—who took a break from shooting his next project to tell us about the campaign, working with Teller, and what’s inside his Loewe bag.


INTERVIEW: When did you fall for Loewe?

JOSH O’CONNOR: About five years ago, Jonathan Anderson approached me about doing a shoot with Loewe. I knew a little about the brand but not huge amounts. We first shot in Madrid with Duane Michals, and Jonathan and I immediately hit it off. He has become a very dear friend of mine, and my love for his work extends from his designs right through to his extensive knowledge and passion for craft and ceramics.

INTERVIEW: What’s in your system?

O’CONNOR: I’m currently playing an athlete in a film so my diet is pretty tiresome…lots of eggs, lots of spinach, more eggs, and the occasional banana…

INTERVIEW: What’s in your Loewe bag?

O’CONNOR: I have my favorite Loewe bag that I use for travel, it’s currently empty except for an inhaler and some ribbon I found in New York for present-wrapping.

INTERVIEW: What’s your morning routine? 

O’CONNOR: I make my bed, train, eat oatmeal, brush my teeth, and maybe read some pages if I have time.

INTERVIEW: How do you prepare for a shoot?

O’CONNOR: For a film shoot I spend months preparing—working on the script, the character, etc. A Loewe shoot just requires a chat with Jonathan and the creative team, but I mostly put my trust in their hands. A shoot with someone like Juergen is very simple, he has a clear vision and I just follow his lead.

INTERVIEW: What was it like working with Juergen Teller?

O’CONNOR: He was fantastic. I’m a great fan of his photographs and was so thrilled to finally work with him. I was on location for work at the time, so we had to shoot remotely, but his direction was clear and concise and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Loewe Pre-fall

INTERVIEW: Where were you when these photos were taken?

O’CONNOR: In some woods in central Italy.

INTERVIEW: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve eaten on set?

O’CONNOR: I’m shooting in the States right now and discovering a whole new world of snacks. I recently ate my first Twinkie. It’s probably not weird for anyone from the States, but to me it was bizarre…and I didn’t hate it.

INTERVIEW: What’s the difference between modeling and acting?

O’CONNOR: I suppose there isn’t a huge difference. When you’re acting you’re thinking of a bigger picture, a journey for a character and the story as a whole, whereas on a photo shoot you’re dealing with a still image, so I guess you’re trying to capture a moment. That would be the big difference.

INTERVIEW: What do you do on your day off?

O’CONNOR: Not an awful lot. I enjoy my own company, I tend to keep myself to myself and read, maybe go for a run. When I’m away I do my best to catch up with friends from home, but I’m not brilliant at that.

INTERVIEW: What was your favorite look from the Loewe pre-fall 22 collection?

O’CONNOR: Oyster vest 100%.

INTERVIEW: Who is part of your creative community?

O’CONNOR: Almost everyone I know! My family, my friends. People I don’t know too…I guess everyone is in some way.

INTERVIEW: Describe your style in three words.

O’CONNOR: What’s the weather?

INTERVIEW: Who is your favorite fashion icon?

O’CONNOR: I like Dev Hynes, he dresses perfectly in my eyes.

INTERVIEW: What do you do when no one is watching?

O’CONNOR: Watch camping channels on YouTube.