Isabella Blow Would Draw You In


Isabella Blow used to say she wore her signature hats “to keep everyone away from me,” so that they could only just barely air-kiss her. The irony is that, after her sad and sudden death in 2007,  which left the world bereft of her famous, unerring fashion instinct, there is, of course, to be a highly anticipated auction of her belongings. Finally, the public will be able to get close. A champion of new designers (chief among them, Alexander McQueen and Philip Treacy), muse, and icon, Blow had a style that featured of idiosyncratic geometry, witty cultural references and aristocratic drama that was uniquely her own. On September 15, Christies will auction off that famous wardrobe.  A collection consisting  of over 90 McQueen outfits, and 50 hats from Philip Treacy, will go up for sale to the highest bidder. In honor of her unique contributions to fashion, we bring you a tour of some of her most fabulous outfits.