These Boots Were Made for More Than Walking

Photos Courtesy Bottega Veneta.

Mentally, I’m in the apocalypse, but physically, I am New York, where it now rains regularly, and unexpectedly. With climate change raging and the West Coast ablaze, the sun looks now like a giant firey hell-hole. I suppose it’s time to get some rain boots. Just in time for my coming to terms with the new tropical climate that my home town has welcomed, Bottega Veneta has released the aptly named Puddle Boot. The idea of rain boots—never too fashionable and always at the wrong length—was never a look I had considered. They stay in my mind as a commuter shoe with no place in the office, or anywhere else for that matter. However, Daniel Lee has changed my mind. With the proportions of a rugged country boot, I can make it work, while navigating the semi-random downpours that have now become du jour.  As shown styled on the runway with beaded paillette dresses or casual knits and trousers, this waterproof biodegradable polymer boot is necessary, I’d say, for my closet. The Puddle is available in five colors: rubberband, fondant, lollipop, black, and kiwi. I can stomp and inevitably slosh around in these boots, knowing my carbon footprint is one less thing to worry about, while my feet stay dry and my outfit stays on point.