Keeping Up With Miss Jones, Part I

Genevieve Jones, Prabal Gurung, and Maggie Betts celebrate. All photos: Genevieve Jones.


Technically I should start from Friday the 13th, but my friend Prabal Gurung presented his first collection on Thursday and it was by far one of the best presentations I’ve ever seen. He’s so talented and amazing and it was an inspiring way to kick off New York Fashion Week. His name will be everywhere in the months ahead.

Friday: I wake up (early) to write emails in bed, text message, and correspond with Europe and Thailand. Then it sets in, sort of…  it’s the first official day of fashion week! Just because, I call off my 8 AM appointment with my trainer Eddy at Equinox and instead enjoy breakfast in bed. Soonish after I’m fully awake and really happy. 


Caroline Giamatti, Pamela Love, and Olivier Zahm at Yigal Azrouel


The sun is shining bright, I’m ready to get sensory overload with beauty and talent at the tents and oh, its my birthday! And I have only 30 minutes to get to Yigal Azrouel show. I ask my boyfriend what I should wear on my birthday and next thing you know I’m in a tight, leopard-print skirt with a thin knit cashmere sweater and a floral trench coat, all by Dolce & Gabbana. Not exactly winter wear but it was pretty and definitely an outfit a boyfriend would like to see his girlfriend in. Back to Yigal, I get inside and all my friends are there, many of whom I haven’t seen in forever-so cool. The show itself was even cooler.  I’d wear everything!


Charlotte Ronson and I after her show—she’s wearing my safety pins!; Bunny, Peaches Geldoff and I backstage at Charlotte’s show


As much as I wanted to play and hang in the VIP lounge after the show, reality sets in. There’s work to do! I rush back to studio, change, pack and ship boxes of handbags to stores in Europe and since my interns were off doing other, equally important things I took the boxes myself to the post office and stood in line for no less than an hour.

Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, Rachel Zoe and I at Charlotte Ronson


I rush to get to Charlotte Ronson’s show straight away. Of course I didn’t make it in time but I was backstage the entire time and I got to see the clothes even better. I love Charlotte! The clothes were fantastic—I’m going to  grab some pieces this week to live in!


Great tights at BCBG; Shipley and Halmos.


Next up: BCBG! But first pop burgers and cokes with Derek Blasberg and Fabiola Beracasa in the W Lounge. We headed over to BCBG, found our seats, and watched an incredible show. My favorite Must-Have-Now was in the show: the metallic tights in gold and pewter. Wicked! I saw Solange Knowles there and she looked perfectly amazing. After the show Fabiola, Derek and I hung out with her backstage, popped into the Mac cosmetics lounge, then headed over to the Shipley and Halmos show. The clothes were beautiful and many of my favorite looks for myself were for intended for men. We all chatted with friends before Derek and I said our goodbyes to Fabiola then headed off to Rag and Bone. When we got there, there was a huge line-well not a line, more like a massive ball of people, all trying to enter through tiny little doors. Something about it was really fun. I thought I’d have to wait forever for BFF’s Julia Restoin Roitfeld and Zac Malone to arrive but they managed their way through the massive crowd in seconds. I’m not sure what they said to get everyone to make way to get them in so quickly, but it worked. Once officially inside I saw lots of my favorite people there—Anna Wintour, Craig McDean, and Amanda Cutter Brooks. I sat next to Rachel Zoe who is really nice and sweet and totally bananas!


Solange and I backstage at BCBG.

Julia, Hanuk, Zac Malone, Fauna, and Fonzworth at Victor Glemaud and Camilla Staerk show


After the show Julia, Zac and I met with Fonzworth Bentley and his girlfriend Faune Chambers. We all headed over to see Victor Glemaud’s and Camilla Staerk’s presentation at Milk. Gorgeous! Last show, not least and definitely the best was Christian Cota’s presentation. He is truly a genius and my favorite new designer and I took a bunch of pictures to show you why.


At around 8 PM, I go home and do a total unwind. I made tea while Zac prepared a bath for me and just had a beautiful chill evening. As much I wanted to not go back out, I did promise my girlfriend Yesim Ak I’d see her that night so she came over and picked Zac and I up, we popped into Charlotte Ronson’s after-party, then went to Le Baron. I saw a bunch more friends-too many to name-did some dancing and then headed to Balthazar for a late birthday dinner. Make a wish!


My adorable and impossibly chic interns and baby fashion icons Lindsay and Bianca. And they didn’t plan this look.  they both bought these vintage dresses in their hometowns and wore it out to Le Baron not knowing what each other would be wearing. So hot!

Zac Malone and Yesim Ak; my boys Greg and Zac.




Birthday nightcap at Balthazar, making a wish