First Dibs: Thom Browne Spring 2018 Look 45

This week, New York-based designer Thom Browne presented his Spring 2018 men’s collection in Paris. The garments offered an elegant yet daring refashioning of that staple of male work wardrobe: the two-piece suit. Browne kept the fabrics and prints traditional-wool and poplin occasionally adorned with stripes or delicate plaid-but introduced a more feminine silhouette with pencil skirts, elongated shirts worn as dresses, and cropped suit jackets. Black pointed brogues on a three-inch heel served as closing remarks for the conversation Browne opened up about the comfort and confidence men can feel in less gendered clothing.

Our favorite look is an ankle-length striped suit dress with a tailored waist and cropped sleeves—number 45 in the collection. Mismatched socks, one with horizontal stripes and one without, peered from underneath, further teasing the seeming dullness of professional attire. We call first dibs on this combination of sophistication, flirt, and ease. 

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