Ferragamo’s Ideal Man


Ethan Peck has all of the credentials to be a defining presence for the next phase of Ferragamo’s rich history. Strikingly handsome, naturally charming, and proudly part of a family lineage deeply rooted to the Italian brandhis grandfather, the revered Gregory Peck, was an original client and friend of Salvatore’sthe actor possesses a keen knowledge of fashion and what best defines and characterizes a Ferragamo man: “He’s elegant, classy, a gentleman. He holds the door for anybody before him,” Peck explained to us over the phone after celebrating the brand’s 100-year anniversary in Beverly Hills on Wednesday. “He pays the bill. He’s liked universally and is very easy to get along with. You can go to him when you’re in trouble. I’m picturing him as this ideal gentleman, which I think is more rare to come by these days. He’s very selfless.”

Peck, who recently shot a “magical and dreamlike” promo video for Ferragamo, began embracing fashion in his high school and college years. “Thinking back, I cringe at the things that I wore,” he said with a laugh, mentioning a brief period of fondness for experimenting with loud and vibrant colors. “But I’m finally understanding what looks good for me and what I like to wear. Last night I was talking to Massimiliano [Giornetti], the head designer for Ferragamo, and I told him it’s so wonderful to wear clothing that makes me feel so good and confident. It was nice to have found that.”

The actor’s main reasons for liking Ferragamo, though, are inherently simple. “It’s such a classic look,” he said. “They’ve been around for a 100 years and have had so much involvement with Hollywood. It’s a very fun and wonderful way to express oneself.”