love me do

Ferragamo’s Latest Project Explores Love’s Many Mediums

Johanna Goodman x Ferragamo

To fill the void left behind by a year without much travel or connection to speak of, Salvatore Ferragamo is using Valentine’s Day as an excuse for celebration. This week, the Florentine luxury label releases the Patchwork of Love project, the second chapter in its latest series of holiday-focused artistic collaborations. 

Davide Ronco x Ferragamo.

To realize its amorous ambitions, the label brought together a diverse creative coalition hailing from The Netherlands, Turkey, and several places in between. The five young artists in question are Charlotte Mei, Davide Ronco, Johanna Goodman, Mert Keskin and Ruth van Beek; a group of painters, sculptors and illustrators who were prompted by the label to interpret the phrase Patchwork of Love in their own medium. The result is an amalgam of rich hues, dizzying patterns and mesmerizing graphic works that offer a joyful homage to the legacy label.

Charlotte Mei x Ferragamo.

The compilation of collages, illustrations and sculptures, though varied, nevertheless cohere seamlessly—a true patchwork of creative visions, cultural perspectives, and lush textures that spotlight the brand’s iconic motifs and signature pieces with  heartwarming results.