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Fendi’s Flashy New Peekaboo Bag Is Fit For a Queen

fendi peekaboo silver crystal

It’s time for another handbag review, and this time the late-aughts classic Fendi Peekaboo has gotten a flashy facelift in jacquard and silver crystal. Our editors huddled in the Interview closet with fashion interns Ife and Mollie to fantasize about pulling shooters and blinged-out iPhones from their sexy, structured seams.


MEKALA RAJAGOPAL: First of all, I’m obsessed with how tiny this jacquard one is. I don’t always care for micro bags, but I love a shrunken bag. A bag that looks like it’s supposed to be big, but it’s actually small.

MOLLIE JOHNSON: You could definitely fit everything you need.

RAJAGOPAL: You can fit at least 10 vapes in here.

JULIAN RIBEIRO: I like that it has diamonds on the top. I feel connected to any bag that looks like it’s wearing its own crown.

IFE IBRAHEEM: Oh, that’s a line. You need a fur coat with it.

JOHNSON: Like this one? [Points to coat]

IBRAHEEM: No, this one. A big white fur. Floor length, almost dragging.

fendi peekaboo jacquard

JOHNSON: I would definitely take the sparkly one for a night out. 

RAJAGOPAL: What club? 

IBRAHEEM: I feel like you can’t take that to any New York club. Maybe like, Le Bain. I don’t know.

RIBEIRO: I think it does give Le Bain.

RAJAGOPAL: She’s going to be crusty and grimy. There’s going to be dirt between these Fs by the end of the night.

RIBEIRO: This bag is actually too nice to take to Le Bain. 

JOHNSON: It would dress up any outfit. Just add a bit of sparkle.

RAJAGOPAL: To me, this is giving catsuit. Like, black Escalade, catsuit, big glasses, IG baddie down, with my Peeka-Birkin. 

RIBEIRO: It’s the kind of bag they would steal in The Bling Ring. Paris Hilton has this bag.

JOHNSON: And you would pull one of those bedazzled phone cases out of it.

RIBEIRO: The crystals make a little rainbow in the light. Maybe this is someone’s pride moment.

IBRAHEEM: It’s the coming out bag.

RIBEIRO: I want someone to pull a drink out of it on a parade float.

IBRAHEEM: We could fit shooters in here too. Just the shooters.

RAJAGOPAL: You can’t really take this outside. This is like, car, plane, club, another club, another club, no sleep.

fendi peekaboo silver crystal

IBRAHEEM: What are you drinking with this bag? Champagne?

RIBEIRO: Maybe a better question is, “Are you paying if you’re drinking with this bag?”


RIBEIRO: This is a sugar baby bag.

IBRAHEEM: This is Erika Jayne.

RIBEIRO: This is the pretty mess. I would bet it all on blonde with this bag.

IBRAHEEM: There’s a lot of storage inside.

RAJAGOPAL: She’s got card holders. She’s definitely functional.

IBRAHEEM: What’s her sign?

RAJAGOPAL: She’s a Leo.


JOHNSON: And the jacquard is a Capricorn.

RIBEIRO: That makes perfect sense.

JOHNSON: I’m a Capricorn, so I think I should just take it now. It could work with what I’m wearing.

RAJAGOPAL: I think so. So cute.

fendi peekaboo jacquard