Evan Yurman

This past year marked the 30th anniversary of David Yurman’s iconic Renaissance Cable Bracelet. So it makes sense that newly minted chief design director, 32-year-old Evan Yurman—son of company founders and chairs David and Sybil—would be the person to reimagine what he refers to as the sacred Holy Grail of the family business. But updating such a vaunted classic was bound to be met with some push-back. “Lots,” in fact, Yurman says.

Still, Yurman, who at 24 left the brand for a year to apprentice under Harlem-based blacksmith-artisan James Garvey, found a way to keep in place the classic design of the original, yet recast the bracelet in playful anodized aluminum, a material he discovered while developing a couture collection. The special bracelet comes in five bold and five pastel colors, as well as solid silver, yellow gold, rose gold, and blackened gold, and editions covered in white, black, or cognac diamonds. The tie-dye version Yurman envisioned, however, has proven to be a challenge to execute. “I’m still going to do it,” he says. “For me, metals or materials are merely a solution to a problem I have.”

It is this ethos that will help guide the Yurman brand for years to come. “My vision for the future of the company is to maintain the core values of the brand,” he explains, “while adapting that messaging to be relevant to the times that we live in. I’ve always thought that my parents’ approach to the business has been to build and survive—mine is to build and sustain.”