Elusive Design Duo BLESS Get Cagey About Their New Fendi Collab


Desiree Heiss and Ines Kaag, the founders of conceptual transdisciplinary studio BLESS, caught up with us over email for a quick explainer on Fendibackfrontals, a new collab with Fendi for Design Miami featuring recycled fur cleaning objects, Peakaboo bags that look like parcels, and glossy wood-finished paravents inspired by the house’s headquarters in Rome.


What’s in your system? 


What is your first memory of Fendi?

Arte Fendi by KL movie in 2009…and long before this some FENDI fur coat designs laying around on furrier’s desks…

What was the inspiration behind the collaboration?

Curiosity paired with a joyful moment of breaking the routine. Regarding the installation for the booth, it was the vision to create and emphasize some sort of emptiness. We started to develop our ideas for the paravents around this.

Why cardboard? / What do you carry in your peekaboo bag?

We don’t use handbags, so it felt natural to involve the peekaboo packaging formats (dustbag and cardbord box) that offer more space and come closer to the type of bags we have in daily use. The title Fendibackfrontals gets further reflected and re-presented in that system of inside-out.

What’s the last thing you got in trouble for?

Answering interview questions and reading something completely different.

What fuels you?


What is the best package you’ve ever received?

All those you thought got lost already.

Is privacy important to you?

Google us and you will know.

What’s the worst part about traveling to America?


How do you feel about Miami architecture? / Can you describe Miami style in three two words?

We saw a place called “medium cool.”

What are you wearing? / What do you wear when no one is around?

In most of the cases at least a BLESS holiday t-shirt and underwear and otherwise just nothing.

Who is your favorite person to dress?

A friend.

How do you get ahead?

Ongoing BLESS dialoguing.