Each x Other’s Artistic Androgyny

Each x Other was founded in 2012 by a fashion designer and artistic director who envisioned a clothing line rooted in collaboration with visual artists–a break from labels that use artists for promotional-driven afterthoughts. To date, Robert Montgomery, Jeremy Kost, Maripol, and dozens more have been involved in conceiving and executing the nine collections.

Designers Ilan Delouis and Jenny Mannerheim also emphasize androgyny, so their first menswear show this season was not a drastic aesthetic shift. They stuck to a basic framework, focusing on button-downs, slacks, and blazers in black, white, and navy. Noticeable flourishes were the touch of three artists: Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, a designer famous for flouting trends in favor of his own pop-inspired visions, appropriated graffiti for jackets; Montgomery, who has worked with Each x Other from the beginning, composed texts, applied as graphics to t-shirts and various detailing, with the same eloquent-rebel tone apparent in his artistic practice; and Blair Chivers, known for his mirror canvases, created wearable reflective pieces. Clearly eager to avoid established norms, Each x Other cast a woman, with one side of her head shaved, to model four of the 20 looks.