Discover artist Ignasi Monreal’s irreverent visual takeover for Gucci

Ignasi Monreal has partnered with Gucci on a visual takeover that combines his digitally created surrealist artworks with Gucci’s eclectic designs.

The Spanish-born fashion illustrator and graphic designer exploded onto the fashion scene in his early twenties with his colorful, pop-y paintings, a perfect pairing for Gucci’s whimsical palate. Gucci, for their part, loves an art collaboration, having previously brought in buzzy artists, from Coco Capitán to Unskilled Worker and Yuko Higuchi.

For the art, Monreal chose to reference the myth of Icarus, who, failing to heed the warnings of his father, flies too close to the sun. As the legend goes, Icarus’s wings melt and he plunges to his death. Much of Monreal’s work starts as a photographic base and evolves according to his preferred interpretation, taking on surrealist elements. Perhaps a cat sprouts angel wings or a snake slithers out of unexpected places.

Monreal is also slated to illustrate Gucci’s art walls in Milan and New York to match the campaign theme—something to look out for next time you stroll through Largo La Foppa or Soho.