Devon Lee Carlson Plays the Evil CEO at Saint Laurent SS24

TUESDAY SEP. 26, 2023 8:29 PM PARIS.

On a beautiful Tuesday evening in the Champ de Mars, Anthony Vaccarello of Saint Laurent delivered a show that traded on the brand’s long tradition of elegance, with satin mini-dresses and mousseline gowns. At the same time, though, there was a utilitarian, Top Gun sensibility to the Saint Laurent SS24 show, which featured leather gloves, balaclavas, and lots of cargo. “It just makes me want to be the most chic woman alive,” said it-girl Devon Lee Carlson. After the show, she and our editor-in-chief Mel Ottenberg linked up to run down the hits.


MEL OTTENBERG: You were the last person to arrive, I saw that. And you look so hot. 

DEVON LEE CARLSON: You saw that.

OTTENBERG: That was a massively good show.

CARLSON: It was amazing, I’m obsessed with the cargo jumpsuits in the middle and the backless mini dresses. 

OTTENBERG: Yes, the mini dresses gave me a thrill because there are so many mini dresses in our lives that look like that but suck. But somehow, those were heaven, you know what I’m saying?

CARLSON: One thing Saint Laurent’s gonna do is be chic.

OTTENBERG: Yeah, I’m actually really stunned by how cool it was.

CARLSON: The sunglasses were amazing. They were metal frames with the solid black and then right on the side it says YSL, they wrapped around a little bit. They were so gorgeous. Also the leather head-wraps. Obsessed. Also, I love a glove.

OTTENBERG: I know, a glove. Maybe with a cuff, or three.

Saint Laurent SS24

CARLSON: I know! 

OTTENBERG: Okay. Let me talk about your outfit. You look really hot in Saint Laurent. 

CARLSON: I love you.

OTTENBERG: I love you. What does it feel like to be wearing this stuff?

CARLSON: Every time I wear Saint Laurent, it’s the best I ever feel. That’s why I keep coming back. But today, I went for CEO. 

OTTENBERG: Yes, she’s CEO.

CARLSON: But the hair makes it a little bit secretary, which I’m also not mad at. 

OTTENBERG: Don’t be mad.

CARLSON: But when I put on the aviators, that’s a little CEO vibe.

OTTENBERG: I got you. I was really gagged by the cargo pants, too.

Saint Laurent SS24

CARLSON: Yes. Also, the red lipstick and french smoky eye throughout.

OTTENBERG: Yeah, yeah, yeah. And the finale dress? Incredible. 

CARLSON: The back of it.

Saint Laurent SS24

OTTENBERG: And all the patent shoes with a thick heel. 

CARLSON: It just makes me want to be the most chic woman alive. The colors were so pretty.

OTTENBERG: It sounds like we’re just kissing ass over here, but this show is really fucking cool. I just love Paris and I love that woman. Have you ever seen A View to Kill? It’s a James Bond movie and Grace Jones is the villain. She is throwing people over the edge of the Eiffel Tower.

CARLSON: I need to watch it.

OTTENBERG: You’re giving villain right now, actually. Evil conglomerate lady.

CARLSON: One of my favorite movies in the entire world is To Die For. I feel like I would be her friend. 

OTTENBERG: I like that for you. Alright, see you later.

CARLSON: Love you. Bye.

Saint Laurent SS24