Bottega Veneta Says “Andiamo” With a New Vacation-Ready Bag

What is special about everyday movement? The subtle reverberations of feet hitting a city sidewalk, waves hitting the shore, or a gust of wind blowing a scarf or loose strand of hair? Matthieu Blazy’s latest Summer 2023 collection with Bottega Veneta weaves an exploration of quiet power across the world. Whether it’s Kate Moss against a Gaetano Pesce-designed runway backdrop or Emma Balfour on the Australian coast, the collection meditates on the power of each collaborator basking in their personal moments of pulsing, forward motion. At the heart of this collection is the word “Andiamo,” which means “let’s go” in Italian, an expression of the brand’s iconic intrecciato technique. The soft leather bag comes in a variety of muted earthy shades, along with multiple sizes and an adjustable strap. Featuring rounded corners and an eye-catching brass knot, Andiamo maintains its structural integrity within an organic collection. Bottega Veneta continues to find balance between updated silhouettes and well-crafted materials, settling into peaceful flow.