Benny Drama Shows off His Short Shorts at Coach FW23


After witnessing Lil Nas X and Ice Spice link up at the Coach FW23 runway show, our editor in chief Mel Ottenberg caught up with his favorite e-boy and Insta-comedian, Benny Drama.


MEL OTTENBERG: I’m here with Benny Drama and we are doing a little show-and-tell after the Coach show. We’re going to be talking about the leather hot pants. We’re at the Armory. There’s stuff going on. There will be noise.

BENNY DRAMA: The city’s alive.

OTTENBERG: I think I saw some symbolism in the show today.

DRAMA: I agree.

OTTENBERG: Apples for the big apple. There was a moon bag. What is that song? [Sings] If you get caught between the moon and New York City.

DRAMA: Musical theater. Here we go…

OTTENBERG: Let’s pull out your phone because I texted you some videos. 

DRAMA: Oh, I love the denim on denim.

OTTENBERG: I like a dirty denim. It’s short. It’s showing off your midriff. Do you want to show us your midriff?

DRAMA: Oh yeah. I got a spray tan this week. Here we go.

OTTENBERG: Your look is perfect for that. Would you wear that skirt?

DRAMA: I never really wear black. That could be a new era.

OTTENBERG: It’s about the brown leather.

DRAMA: The skirts…I would want them shorter.

OTTENBERG: Yes. You’ve got great legs. You were a football player.

DRAMA: I was. That’s what we’re channeling today. My purse is me taking back that time I lost. Can you see that? They’re not getting this back.

OTTENBERG: And they shouldn’t. You’re a fucking football player.

DRAMA: Literally. Symbolism.

OTTENBERG: [Pulls up a photo from show] Okay. It’s silver. It’s a shearling. It’s a lollipop earring.

DRAMA: I loved all the earrings.

OTTENBERG: Are your ears pierced?

DRAMA: No. Are yours?

OTTENBERG: Yeah. It was pierced in ninth grade. I could shove that lollipop in there.

DRAMA: Shove it back in there. I love that one because it felt like the guy—do you know the movie Xenon (Girl of the 21st Century)? That Disney Channel movie?


DRAMA: That was a big era for Disney—oh sick. The boots. I’m obsessed.

OTTENBERG: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

DRAMA: I need those. 

Coach FW23

OTTENBERG: But they’re black. You don’t fuck with black.

DRAMA: You know what? It black leather would be good if it’s like, a loose jacket that’s cut more like a blazer. I think I would do that with maybe white pants or light denim. 

OTTENBERG: I like that. I’m going to go with the silver over the yellow for you.

DRAMA: Agreed. 

OTTENBERG: Okay here we have the sleazy ripped denim. It’s very the dawn of hip hop. Or more maybe like, 1982 Times Square. It’s hot. 

DRAMA: Ooh. The crop. I love a crop.

OTTENBERG: Crop. Crop.

DRAMA: So much crop. And turtlenecks.

OTTENBERG: The brown leather turtleneck. How do you feel about turtlenecks? I think they’re great.

DRAMA: I think they’re great too. They make jawlines look nice. 

Coach FW23

OTTENBERG: You’ve got a good jaw.

 DRAMA: So do you.

OTTENBERG: Thank you.

DRAMA: Don’t even start with me.

OTTENBERG: But also, tip! Try a turtleneck, maybe even a Coach one. Okay, final thoughts. The brown leather hot pants. If you were going to wear those as a character, who is the character?

DRAMA: Oh gosh. I feel like it would be Deliverance Richards, my real estate agent. She wears hot pants to house showings.

OTTENBERG: Amazing. Last question. What’s your favorite color?

DRAMA: I’m thinking about that juicy bubble gum pink bag. I love that color pink, bubble gummy.

OTTENBERG: All right. And then what’s the A on your shirt stand for?

DRAMA: Anal.

OTTENBERG: It had to. This is Benny mother fucking Drama.

DRAMA: Duh. I love you Interview.

OTTENBERG: We did it.

Coach FW23