Weekend News Roundup! A Wedding! A Wedding…

Happy Monday! Here’s our compendium of pop culture news you may have missed while you were doing more important things over the weekend.

 A second sexual assault lawsuit has been filed against director Bryan Singer and producer Gary Goddard.  The plaintiff is a British man who chose to remain anonymous.  [The Daily Beast]

 You probably didn’t watch the White House Correspondents Dinner on Saturday night (we certainly didn’t); luckily for everyone, New York Magazine has a nice summary of the not-entirely-awful jokes told by President Obama and host Joel McHale. [NY Magazine]

 17-year-old Lorde is being stalked by a paparazzo in New Zealand, but she’s not going to take it lying down. [Page6]

 The Amazing Spider-Man 2
won the box office by a lot. 

 Rumor has it that Kim and Kanye got hitched in California yesterday. Don’t worry, they’re still going to have a ridiculous cerem0ny in France as well. In honor of the occassion, we’d like to draw your attention to this photo of Kanye sulking at a zip-line office in Mexico. [Life & Style]

  Jodie Foster also  got married! [People

 Ben Affleck got in trouble for card counting in Vegas and is now banned from the Hard Rock casino. Whatever will he do.  [People]