Weekend News Roundup! Here Come the Men in Black


Happy Monday! Here’s our compendium of pop-culture news you may have missed while you were doing more important things over the weekend.

• Keira Knightley married James Righton, of English band The Klaxons, near Avignon in France. She wore a strapless, above-the-knee tulle dress and cropped tweed jacket; he wore a baby blue skinny tie and matching pocket square. They drove away in a Renault Clio. Newspapers around the world tried to ruin the moment by comparing Knightley’s wedding dress to a Rodarte dress she wore five years ago in the proximity of her ex-boyfriend. [The Telegraph UK]

• Lauryn Hill is back! The former Fugee released a new single on Saturday, “Neurotic Society.” She also got in trouble for tax evasion, but shhhhh. [Rolling Stone]

• Don’t drum outside Helen Mirren’s play; she’ll come out during intermission dressed as the Queen and publicly shame you. [THR]

Iron Man 3 took in $175 million at the box office this weekend. Good news for the Hollywood economy; bad news for the quality of films. [BOM]

• We weren’t kidding; someone has already agreed to write a script for Men in Black 4. [Total Film]

• The Syrian Electronic Army realized part two of their evil master plan: they hacked into the E! News Twitter account, planted false rumors about Justin Bieber’s sexuality, and immediately took credit for it. [Mediaite]

• YouTube will soon launch a paid subscription service. [FT]