Weekend News Roundup! Boy Meets Marriage


Happy Monday! Here’s our compendium of pop-culture news you may have missed while you were doing more important things over the weekend.

• Rider Strong and Danielle Fishel, aka Shawn Hunter and Topanga Lawrence from Boy Meets World, both got married this weekend. Alas, they did not marry each other, but rather their Muggle fiancés. [People]

• Celibacy is cool in Japan. [The Guardian]

• Kanye West wore a shirt decorated with Kim Kardashian’s face and the hashtag “Yeezus.” [E!]

• Gravity won the box office for the third week in a row with $31 million, followed by Captain Phillips with $17.3 million, and Carrie with $17 million. No one saw The Fifth Estate, which took in $1.7 million, or $969 per screen. [BOM]

• Francisco Rafael Arellano Felix, the former head of the Tijuana (drug) Cartel, was murdered at a family gathering in Baja, California by a clown. [Reuters]

• Drake cancelled his Philadelphia show an hour after it was supposed to start. [Rolling Stone]

• Justin Bieber touched a stripper. [TMZ]