Wayne on Wayne: George Wayne Re-Imagines A Milli

Lil Wayne is notoriously inscrutable—an all things to all people kind of guy. We wanted to get inside, so we asked another Wayne (George Wayne, no less), to get us on the inside track. You may know Wayne as a longtime contributing editor at Vanity Fair, and a fearless interviewer. He recently asked The Situation why he has “c!*#& breath.” Previously, Wayne founded R.O.M.E., an avant-garde style journal. In 2008, he published a collection of his celebrity interviews, along with a look inside his own party lifestyle, in The Uncensored Vanities.

We gave George Wayne lyrics from Lil Wayne’s hit single, “A Milli,” to interpret in his own vocabulary. “There won’t be any re-write,” he warned us!

Lil Wayne’s version:
Now who that wanna do that, boy you knew that chew that swallow
And I be the shit, now you got loose bowels
I don’t owe you like two vowels
But I would like for you to pay me by the hour
And I’d rather be pushin’ flowers
Than to be in the pen sharin’ showers
Tony told us this world was ours
And the Bible told us every girl was sour

George Wayne’s:
I was on the can squeezing out a luxe dump,
The lobster surf and turf from restaurant Phillipe the night before,
Yeah—toking on my  spliff and guzzling the fifth round of Guinness stout and Nestle condensed milk.
It’s 9:00 am and I am grooving, jiving, deciphering the stash cache of Dashiell Hammett.,
And I’m wheezing, wheezing, wheezing with joy ’cause it’s just the sweetest stink bomb ever.

Thank you, George Wayne!