Wax Culture

What happens when wax sculptures grow old? When Michael Jackson or Madonna no longer look the way they once did, and their wax replicas no longer resonate? They’re not melted down, they’re auctioned off online to raise funds for the next generation of wax sculpture. That means that you at home can have you’re own Mae West or Charlie Chaplin or Kevin Sorbo, with just a tap of your online auction-hungry finger. You’re not just buying a fetishistic, often larger-than-life effigy of a celebrity (Tom Cruise’s figure stands at six feet, so he might have commissioned it); you’re getting a real time capsule. Remember Nicole Kidman before her stylist? Now you do. Remember the horrible crimes perpetrated against blacks in this country through hateful, lazy depictions of their facial features? Check out Whoopi Goldberg, pictured left, estimated at $2000-3000.