Andy Warhol’s 81st

Today would have been Interview founder and patron saint Andy Warhol’s eighty-first birthday. Here, a selection of videos featuring computers, political jockeying, Brigid Berlin, Debbie Harry, and Truman Capote, among other things.

Just twenty-five years ago, people–magazine editors, even–lived without Macs and Photoshop. In 1985, Warhol went on television to test drive the Commodore Amiga, a primitive desktop, which he used to create a portrait of Debbie Harry with some proto-version of MS Paint Brush:



Hyptothetical campaign promises that stand the test of time:



On finding ways to fill one’s days:



With Brigid Berlin:



And finally, a silent 1977 short film featuring Truman Capote assisting with the selling and signing of issues of Interview at Fiorucci in New York: