Queen V

I didn’t have to go to Buckingham Palace for an audience with the paparazzi Queen of England. Instead I found myself on the sixth floor of Macy’s lingerie department waiting to meet Victoria Beckham. Posh was gracing a less than posh locale with her presence to unveil her new ad for Emporio Armani underwear. Thankfully I skipped to the front of the line; there was quite the turn out. Once I was cleared by MI6 style security (I had to hand over my YSL bag and my sunglasses; I had to remove my hat and was asked if I had a camera phone in my possession).
Then it was my turn. Posh looked chic in this slight Rhythm Nation beaded epaulet blazer and crystal tights—from Emporio Armani, natch. I was ushered in and I introduced myself. Posh was polite and sweet; she automatically fell into the Victoria photo pose—hip out, one leg forward, head tilt. And before it began it was all over. And I was left with my new Christmas card.