The Hosts of TrueAnon on Eric Adams, Insurrection Memes, and Meth Behavior


Photo courtesy of Brace Belden, Yung Chomsky, and Liz Franczak.

Hours before we DM’d the hosts of TrueAnon to take part in this week’s Search History, their account had been suspended. “I think it might have been the wonderful Bill Ackman sticking up for his beautiful wife due to a question we posed regarding why she made an orb for Jeffrey Epstein,” posited Brace Belden when we asked who he thought had reported them. Belden, Liz Franczak and Yung Chomsky have built a cult following for diving into the tangled histories of the bizarre, wealthy and powerful puppeteers of the world, tackling our most burning conspiracy theories and, evidently, ruffling the feathers of some bigwigs along the way. Earlier this month, they released a January 6th-themed board game, which sold out less than 20 minutes after its release. “Definitely 18 years and up,” read the fine print. Mercifully, their account was restored just moments before go-time, so we got to ask about their favorite insurrection memes, how long each of them could last without Twitter, and who they’d rather party with: Eric Adams or Hunter Biden?


EMILY SANDSTROM: Let’s jump in. A/S/L?

BRACE BELDEN: 4 1/2 – man man woman – Brooklyn tunnels. 

SANDSTROM: The TrueAnon account was suspended this morning, but it was fortunately just restored moments ago. Who do you think reported you?

BELDEN: We can’t say for sure, but I think it might have been the wonderful Bill Ackman sticking up for his beautiful wife due to a question we posed regarding why she made an orb for Jeffrey Epstein. 

SANDSTROM: I see. What kind of orb?

BELDEN: I assume an orb of great power though it’s kind of bland as far as orbs go.

LIZ FRANCZAK: It looks a bit like a desk ornament. Like something you’d get for winning employee of the year.

YUNG CHOMSKY: It’s Elden-Ring coded to me.

SANDSTROM: How long could each of you go without Twitter?

CHOMSKY: I made a new year’s resolution in 2022 to stop posting and I lasted the whole year I think.

FRANCZAK: I like Twitter, ok. It’s great for fans of the NBA or Israeli propaganda, if you are into that.

BELDEN: I only believe in using Twitter to grow our small business. Other than that, I don’t use it.

SANDSTROM: You guys just came out with a board game about January 6th. Tell me a bit about it, and can you share your favorite insurrection meme?

BELDEN: The board game is a project we did with some friends of ours. The only medium we figured could get across the soul of January 6th was the classic medium of board game. This gotta be mine. Love this mothafucka.

CHOMSKY: My favorite is the mouth-frothing man—he looks like the guy from Doom after you find a powerup.

FRANCZAK: I like when Azealia Banks posted that scaling the capitol was meth behavior.



SANDSTROM: If you could storm any government building, which would you choose?

BELDEN: Fort Knox. I love gold.

CHOMSKY: The DMV. My right to operate a motor vehicle comes from G-D.

FRANCZAK: Foreign embassy, always a classic. Sorry I should say: US embassy on foreign soil.

SANDSTROM: What were your last three google searches?

CHOMSKY: Jan 6 mouth frothing man, Twin peaks episode list, Lu Xiaojun.

BELDEN: Sukkot are you Jewish, 770 Crown Heights, Frankism.

FRANCZAK: Timothee Chalamet chin implant, Tunnel people sighting reddit, Pat McGrath skin fetish.

SANDSTROM: Liz, I have tried that foundation and can confirm it is worth it.

FRANCZAK: Yes! I have it, but I’m curious if I bought a shade too light. It’s literally magic.

SANDSTROM: Liz, there’s a conspiracy theory that you’re a CIA plant. What’s your response?

FRANCZAK: I think fantasy is an important and useful tool for managing the exhaustion of everyday life.

CHOMSKY: I think Liz is CIA… Chill, Intellectual, Artistic ❤️

SANDSTROM: Who would be the first of you to crack in an interrogation room?

FRANCZAK: Brace, seen it with my own eyes.

SANDSTROM: Brace, do you have a defense? 

BELDEN: I would simply confuse the police by telling them that one of my accomplices always lies and the other always tells the truth and offer my position as a neutral arbiter. But I think Liz would crack if you showed her a picture of a dog.

SANDSTROM: Favorite episode or series you guys have made?

BELDEN: I think for all of us probably the Game, our series we did about Synanon and teen thought reform schools.

FRANCZAK: We will also soon come out with a board game based on that series called “The Game: The Game.”

SANDSTROM: Fuck, marry, kill: Elon Musk, Wayne Lapierre, Mark Cuban?

CHOMSKY: Fuck Mark, Kill Elon, Marry Wayne.

BELDEN: I won’t comment on the kill thing but I would marry Mark Cuban and have sex in Soho Equinox steam room with Wayne LaPierre.

FRANCZAK: I’m gonna go ahead and refuse the premise of the question.

SANDSTROM: If you could trade places for a day with one of the subjects you’ve featured on TrueAnon, who would it be?

CHOMSKY: I would be John Vanderslice, the subject of our miniseries “TrueAnon Presents: Keep the Dream Alive with John Vanderslice.”

BELDEN: Tom Sandoval.

FRANCZAK: That crazy crypto lady who stole all that money and did rap videos about it.

CHOMSKY: Razzlekhan!

FRANCZAK: Or Eric Adams.

SANDSTROM: On that note: who would you rather party with, Hunter Biden or Eric Adams?

FRANCZAK: Eric Adams, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

CHOMSKY: Adams for me. I’m cutting toxic people out of my life in 2024.

BELDEN: This is a tough one. While hanging out with Eric Adams is almost certainly unbearable, hanging out with another guy on crack and crystal for too long can get you into weird places. I would say 30% chance I would end up having sex with Hunter Biden despite neither of us wanting to–just because of meth. So I’m forced to say Eric Adams even though we’d probably just be at some nasty dinner for 18 hours.

SANDSTROM: That makes sense. Could each of you send a fit pic right now? 

CHOMSKY: Gladly. This is my January so far. Liz and Brace are taking one. I stay ready. 


FRANCZAK: Exposed for wearing a Billie Eilish big blazer 🙁


BELDEN: Liz had to take this for me.

SANDSTROM: 2024 predictions?

CHOMSKY: I predict that I will get even more shredded than in 2023.

FRANCZAK: In 2024, all my haters will become my waiters when I sit down at the table of success.

BELDEN: Do not accept the offer you are given on June 22nd, no matter how sweet the rewards offered to you are. The consequences will be unspeakable.