Coloring Outside the Lines with Trendland

Started by couple Ani Tzenkova and Cyril Foiret, Trendland is a website for our aesthetically inclined Internet age. The two founders describe the site as “an organic, curated well of trends and visual ideas,” covering fashion, design, photography, art, culture, music, shopping, and videos with a careful selection of images and articles that are kept under 100 words. “It started as a log of things we thought were really prominent in the design world,” explains Tzenkova. “It was literally just a semi-competitive platform where Cyril and I could see which one of us could find cooler things…in this over-saturated do-it-all culture, it gives you an upper hand when developing projects and ideas to see what’s coming.”

Always creative, the couple, who have been together for eight years, ran a showroom together in L.A. before turning to Trendland fulltime. Their focus was on importing international brands: “Everything we do has to do with our eye,” says Tzenkova. “It’s always about the things that capture our attention and create passion.” What is on Tzenkova’s trend list at the moment? “I am loving [artists] Daniel Arsham and Tofer Chin’s work. I would definitely put Pharrell [Williams] on the line between fashion and music icon—his image is golden!”

Last month, Tzenkova, Foiret, and Trendland’s food editor Emily Miller hosted an intimate, eight-course, color coordinated private dinner party14 friends whose taste they trust the most to celebrate Miller and Tzenkova’s new project, FOOD by COLOR, and the launch of Johnnie Walker Platinum Label—the private blend. “The guests were our friends and people we work with on projects whom we often use as sounding boards for new innovations,” confides Tzenkova. The extensive menu was designed by Chef Kyle McClelland, with graphic design by Poglia + Modenesi, and included savory citrus crème brulée (as part of the “orange” course), dry aged Wagyu Beef (the red course), and whole roasted summer truffles (the “black” courser) paired perfectly with Johnnie Walker Platinum Label’s balanced flavors of fruit and subtle smoke. “It was hands down one of the best and most impressive meals I’ve ever had,” says Tzenkova. “And I’m saying this after just returning from a 22-course meal in what is said to be the Number Four restaurant in the world,” she adds. The evening was a fitting celebration: FOOD by COLOR will host private events around New York, each one presenting food in a color palette. “The dinner was really special for me—it was the first dinner of a concept I have been working on for almost two years… it makes me happy to join friends around food and drink!”

According to Tzenkova, just like Trendland’s recent dinner, the perfect soirée requires “good people, good food and spirits, good tunes, and a place with a good vibe.”

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