TikTok Star Yesly Dimate Is Ready for Hollywood

Yesly Dimate

Yesly Dimate, photographed by Tony Özkan.

Yesly Dimate’s face is probably on your 2024 moodboard. She’s cheek to cheek with her dreamy boyfriend, Tony Özkan, on the Seine, she’s lounging in her Calvins in New York, she’s at sea in Turkey! But the jet-setting life is new to Dimate. In 2022, she was working at Dunkin Donuts when she posted a TikTok that catapulted her into the world of glitzy runways and dinner parties. Now, with almost six million followers across Tiktok and Instagram, her hair chopped to her jawline, and a leading role in the indie Before We Begin, she’s setting her sights on Hollywood. For this week’s Search History, we slid into her DMs to talk pixie cuts, roleplay, and the maximum amount of time she’ll spend perfecting a TikTok.





DIMATE: I’m 26, female, and in New York Cityyyyy.

KING-CLEMENTS: What’s in your system currently? 

DIMATE: Oh man, a waffle that I made from scratch. I’m teaching myself to use my waffle maker. They’re not great.

KING-CLEMENTS: Ok chef. First thing you do when you wake up? 

DIMATE: I’m ashamed to say check my phone LMAO I’M WORKING ON NOT DOING THAT.

KING-CLEMENTS: Last 3 Google searches? 

DIMATE: Ohh hang on lemme check. It’s not making sense.

yesly dimate

KING-CLEMENTS: Alexa Demie… SAME. No, it makes perfect sense. 

DIMATE: I’m strongly considering dying my hair red.

KING-CLEMENTS: That leads me to my next question: tell me about your haircut! What made you cut it and do people react differently to you? 

DIMATE: Idk what to say uhmm. Well it started out a year ago when I fried most of my hair by dying it red (so maybe I shouldn’t go back to that lolol) then it made a sort of statement that I never expected. I realized how much more myself I felt in it and I can’t see myself going back now. BUT I MISS STYLING MY HAIR. It’s a love/hate relationship. I feel ppl enjoy me more with this current length and it’s so nice to see how many ppl took inspiration from my cut, BUT IT ALSO SCARES ME BC I HOPE THEY ACTUALLY LIKE IT. Atm however, I’m growing it out and seeing how long it’ll take me to cave and just chop it all again. People think i’m french now a lot. 

KING-CLEMENTS: I can imagine. Going from blonde to brown changed my whole reality. 

DIMATE: I FELT THAT. Yeah my mom was pretty shocked, but I’m hoping she’s adjusted by now.

KING-CLEMENTS: What’s the strangest DM you’ve received? 

DIMATE: I get DMs about permission for being used for roleplaying, I felt that was a bit strange 🧍🏻‍♀️

KING-CLEMENTS: Describe your private browsing persona in three words.

DIMATE: Lame, anticlimactic & rare.

KING-CLEMENTS: What TV couple are you and your bf? 

DIMATE: I’d have to say Monica and Chandler, except we’re gender-reversed hahaha.

KING-CLEMENTS: You guys don’t look dissimilar… how often do you get the “siblings or dating” question? 

DIMATE: HAHA very often but now we play along w it. If anything, it’s a compliment to me, I think he’s beautiful

KING-CLEMENTS: Aw, love that. Who’s your hall pass? 

DIMATE: NONE. LMAOOO. No hall passes 🙅🏻‍♀️

KING-CLEMENTS: What does your FYP look like? 

DIMATE: Edits, lots and lots of edits. To elaborate: edits of Taylor Swift or of shows I’m watching and Drake.

KING-CLEMENTS: What shows? 

DIMATE: I’m rewatching Gossip Girl but I did just start The Bear!! And I’m liking it a lot. I also get some actor edits, specifically ones I enjoy such as Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone.

KING-CLEMENTS: What’s the greatest length you’ve gone to make a TikTok?

DIMATE: I actually like to make it rule to not go to too great lengths because I then become irritated with myself as a perfectionist so I instead have a rule of two takes max or it’s just not going live. I think my work related ones go to more great lengths, my Calvin Klein work I like to put effort into.

KING-CLEMENTS: What’s on your 2024 vision board? 

DIMATE: A24 films stills, Emma Stone and a nice brownstone home.

KING-CLEMENTS: Favorite meme? 

DIMATE: OMG YES WAIT LET ME FIND. As an aggressive overthinker this is good. OR, I’m Boo in this scenario.

KING-CLEMENTS: Okay, last couple of questions! Choose one: money or clout? 

DIMATE: Can I say neither or does this make me whack?

KING-CLEMENTS: You’re the first person to say neither. That makes you a creative thinker!

DIMATE: Oh then yay I’ll take it.

KING-CLEMENTS: What’s your password? 

DIMATE: I JUST CHANGED MINE LMAO I’m always forgetting them, but my old one is still similar bc somehow it helps me memorize. So I would have to pass…

Yesly Dimate