Steelo Brim on How to Land a Girl Who’s Out of Your League

Photo courtesy of Steelo Brim.

The comedian and producer Steelo Brim is best known as the co-host of MTV’s comedy series Ridiculousness, where  panelists give their raw and unfiltered takes on videos that have gone viral. Outside of television, you can catch him on his weekly podcast Wine & Weed, which he hosts alongside the actor and writer Chris Reinacher. The two spark a joint and sip some wine as they discuss current events and pop culture moments with guests such as Michael B. Jordan, Machine Gun Kelly, Sam Jay, and Miguel. In cheeky Brim fashion, he shared with us his six-step guide on how to get a girl who’s out of your league.
Step 1:  Determine Your League
“Determining which league you’re in is key. Only you can determine that. Remember, VIP is 90 percent mental.”
Step 2: Stage a Robbery
“Hire a struggling ’90s actor (who you think deserves more roles) to infiltrate her home, and then graciously come to her rescue. This way you’re supporting the arts while chasing that heart.”
Step 3: Bring In Competition
“If you feel she’s on the verge of ‘friend-zoning’ you, bring up another girl you’re into, preferably one with over 3 million Instagram followers. Women love a man with options and nobody wants something nobody else does.”
Step 4: Catfish Your Life
“Step up your social media game! It’s not about the life you have, it’s about the life you think you should have.”
Step 5: Initiate the Mindfuck
“Ask her if she’s seen Tenant, and if she says yes, tell her in the future you guys already hooked up, and it was below average. You’re giving her a chance to save the future and make it up.”
Step 6: Admit Defeat
“If these steps haven’t helped, it’s time to give up, fam! Why do you want a girl out of your league anyway? Just remember that at some point, someone out there has probably cried over you. Hopefully someone other than your mother.”