2.0: The New Standard


Published October 6, 2010



Between the Standard Grill, the Biergarten, Le Bain, and Boom, The Standard Hotel has a strangle-hold on Manhattan nightlife. Now they want to get you while you’re bored at work, capturing your interest in their upcoming exhibitions, gigs, and openings, with a milti-media web site, StandardCulture.com. Whether chatting with geographical artist Jose Parla (whose limited-edition scarves and T-shirts sell at The Standard shop), daily spotlighting a graphic (be it Japanese Popstars or Barbara Streisand), or introducing readers to The Standard staff, the site is a comprehensive tour in Standard living. Click through the gallery to discover their favorite shutterbugs (Bruce Weber, Steven Klein, Olivier Zahm), or check out their roster of guest bloggers, including photographer Cheryl Dunn, filmmaker Casey Neistat and gallerist Al Moran. Oh, to have friends like these…