Seth Rogen Shows Us How to Roll the Perfect Joint

Seth Rogen with his Houseplant rolling tray.

For some, rolling a joint can be scary, but with enough practice, anyone can do it. You’ll need the following to get started: a grinder, rolling papers, a tip or filter, and of course your preferred cannabis. I find it best to tear the bottom, non-glue edge of the rolling paper into a curve. This way you’re ingesting less paper and it’s easier to roll. I also recommend finding a smooth surface to roll on, like the Houseplant All-in-One Rolling Tray (now available for pre-order in the Mini Eggs colorway), which is a literal slab of multi-color hand-poured concrete and comes with everything you need to roll.—SETH ROGEN




Grind Your Flower


I like to use 1-2 nugs to fill a joint, but you can use as much as you prefer. You don’t want to grind your cannabis too finely or it will pack too tight and the air won’t flow through the joint properly, leading to an unfavorable smoking experience.


Fill Your Paper


Make a canoe shape out of your paper, glue side facing towards you and pointed up. Take your ground-up cannabis flower and sprinkle it evenly throughout the canoe.


Roll Your Flower


Take the bottom edge of your rolling paper and tuck it over and around the cannabis and then roll it up until only the top edge of the glue side paper is exposed. 


Seal the Joint


Moisten to glue with your tongue and roll the joint shut.


Don’t Forget the Filter


Roll up your little piece of cardboard into a spiral or M-shape that is smaller than the opening of the joint. Then carefully insert the filter or tip into the joint and let it expand. Pro tip—if you have more than one strain, you can roll your filter into different shapes to help remember which joint is which.


Finishing the Joint


Massage the joint to ensure the bud is well-distributed, even, and squishy. Twist up the open end until the joint is closed, leaving a little point and you’re ready.


Light Up and Enjoy


While holding the joint, light the tip evenly. Once lit, bring the joint to your lips and inhale. 


As you smoke through the joint, ash will form at the end that will need to be discarded. Make sure to ash it in a beautiful ashtray worthy of your hard work, like the one included in the All-in-One Rolling Tray or one of the many others offered on Houseplant.com.