Saturdays Surf and Scotch

In 2009, three friends joined together and brought a surf shop to SoHo—one dedicated to a way of life rather than a label. Morgan Collett, Josh Rosen, and Colin Tunstall opened Saturdays Surf NYC after discovering a mutual love for surfing. “Anytime there was a wave, we’d leave the city and head to the ocean,” Rosen tells us. From there, ideas began rolling: a ready-to-wear collection, an art collection, an annual magazine, a blog.

“Instead of creating a conventional surf shop, we wanted to build a brand that represented our lifestyle. Not just a surf shop, a coffee shop, a clothing brand, or the locations. It’s putting all the pieces together that help define what Saturdays means,” Tunstall explains. “It’s difficult to feel uninspired in a city like New York,” adds Collette. “When we face a lull the three of us share a tendency to bike around Manhattan visiting stores, restaurants, and galleries.”

In the backyard of their original Crosby Street location, Saturdays’ founders host BBQs and music events in addition to exclusive dinner parties, such as their recent one with Johnnie Walker Platinum Label. “We wanted to keep it intimate and share in great company and delicious food and drinks,” recalls Morgan of the dinner, for which Saturdays’ garden was turned into a fine dining room. “We served food by Lovely Day and drinks were compliments of Johnnie Walker Platinum Label, a smooth, precious 18-year-old whisky Scotch blend.” The trio met out on the town in New York, but with most of their friends caught up in the creative whirlwind of the city, Morgan notes that “it’s difficult for all of our friends to find the opportunity to meet in one place, so we celebrated the chance to come together near the end of an incredible summer.” And what better way to bring friends together than the promise of fine food and whisky?

Always looking for new opportunities to expand, Saturdays Surf recently opened three new locations in the West Village, and Kobe and Tokyo, Japan. “The cultures in both Tokyo and Kobe bear resemblances to New York in a number of ways. Both cities are booming metropolises, yet are close enough to the ocean to allow for easy access to surf,” explains Rosen. Each of the four locations maintains its particular identity. “It’s a perfect spot to unwind, grab a coffee and shop the collection,” Rosen continues.

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PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY. JOHNNIE WALKER PLATINUM LABEL®  Blended Scotch Whisky. 40% Alc/Vol. ©2013 Imported by Diageo, Norwalk, CT.