Quoted: Woody Allen Goes Digital

This morning, digital agency ClearMetrics confirmed that Woody Allen had recorded audiobook versions of his four essay anthologies, Getting Even, Without Feathers, Mere Anarchy and Side Effects. More information on the project is available at WoodyAllen.com, Allen’s first-ever official website. In response to the news, The New York Times contacted Allen on the set of his current project, Midnight in Paris, and asked him how he felt about stepping into the digital age. Unsurprisingly, he sounded more than a bit wary: “I was persuaded [to embrace the audiobook format] in a moment of apathy when I was convinced I had a fatal illness and would not live much longer. I don’t own a computer, have no idea how to work one, don’t own a word processor, and have zero interest in technology. Many people thought it would be a nice idea for me to read my stories and I gave in.”